Bonus Chapter: Post-Heat Cuddling

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Warm. Yoongi is warm.

Or maybe it's the hot water bottles the alpha has obsessively collected and used to cradle Jimin. Jimin isn't sure.

He doesn't mind, of course. Yoongi is Yoongi. He's just grateful for the cuddles. And he's cold, something he hadn't known was a part of heat until he woke the morning after his first to Yoongi frantically wrapping him in blankets, complaining that there was no way he could sleep when Jimin's skin felt like ice.

Jimin nuzzles his mate's chest, welcoming the grunt of acknowledgement he receives. He knows Yoongi is just as tired as he is, but his mate still insists on the little things after heat-- scenting him, warming him, wrapping himself around him until Jimin forces him to let go.

Seokjin was right. Alphas are whiny, needy little brats.

But Jimin doesn't mind as much as he thought he would.

Yoongi huffs, moving closer and nosing at Jimin's hair. Is your mark okay? he asks.

Jimin hums, hitching a shoulder up as Yoongi moves to kiss the mark. It's okay, he says. Stings a bit, that's all.

Want me to...?

Nooooo, I'm tired. And cold. Did the doctor say anything about that, do you remember--?

Yeah, said it's normal. Your body's been on overdrive for days, your temperature is normal, it just feels bad. Want another blanket?

Yes please.

Yoongi lifts himself quickly, selecting the largest of the three blankets he bought while Jimin's back was turned(sneaky little shit) and throwing it over them. The added weight is soothing, and when Yoongi presses back in, rearranging the bottles so they can lie closer together, Jimin feels a smile tugging at his lips.

You're such a nice alpha, he says sleepily, prompting an equally sleepy chuckle. My favorite alpha. Best alpha ever.

Quit making me blush.

Nuh-uh. Jimin smirks, leaning in and resting his head on Yoongi's shoulder. Gonna make you so flustered once this goes away.

You don't need to be at one hundred percent to do that, Yoongi says, rubbing Jimin's back. Just gotta say something and I'm done for.

Jimin laughs. I love you.

I love you more.


Oh, you did not just start that again.

I said bet, alpha. Jimin wraps his arms around Yoongi, humming and pressing himself closer. What're you gonna do about it?

Gonna kiss you silly, Yoongi says, though Jimin's not sure if he meant to transmit that or if it's leftover from their minds bleeding into each other during his heat. Hug you till you squirm. Buy you treats, keep you warm, snuggle till we fall asleep together...

I'm gonna do all that and mark up your neck, Jimin says.

Then I'll do all THAT and take you out to that place you mentioned last week.

And I'll do all THAT and tickle you until you can't stop laughing.

I'll scent you.

I'll scent you first.

I'll get Seokjin to buy us snacks.

Jimin laughs again. Fine, you win. He yawns. It's not... over... though...

Yoongi presses a kiss to his forehead, smiling against it and wrapping himself tighter around Jimin's body.

Of course not. 

They just get softer every time I write them together. UwU 

200k! 200,000 reads. I'm not kidding when I say I never saw this coming. And on the same day I hit 300 followers! I think I'm still in shock. Everyone has given me so much here and the attention all my books have had is so positive and encouraging, you make me smile on the bad days. 

So, since it's been about eight months since I posted this story: I'm in college now, it's going pretty well, and I'm feeling a lot better mentally than I used to. I still need to find a job, but I'm deep into editing on an original piece of work and looking into other story ideas. I won't lie and say I don't have rough patches anymore, but my ability to deal with them has grown. Thank you so much for all your encouraging messages, for popping into my dms and my announcements and leaving sweet, cute, and silly comments all over my stories. It means so much to me that people are actually reading, and knowing that people also vote and comment sends me over the moon. 

Sometimes I can't believe it. The last account I had here(deleted because I couldn't handle it) never got above 45 followers, never got more than a couple hundred reads. I came back expecting more of the same but determined to write anyway. And now look... I wouldn't be where I am today without what happened to me on this site, both good and bad. 

So thank you. Thank you so much for supporting me. I hope as we go forward that I can start writing things that inspire you and make you smile instead of making you cry. ;) I'll post a quick chapter after this with the other stories currently on the account-- see if any of them catch your eye! My style has changed a bit and I've explored other ships, but I hope you'll still find at least one you can enjoy. 

I purple you! 


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