Untitled Part 24

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"Why aren't you at school?"

Jimin gritted his teeth, holding his head, and shook himself. How long had it been since he'd taken his pills? He thought he'd blocked Yoongi out.

"No, don't do that again. Please. I hate missing you."

Seokjin took one look at Jimin's face, leaned back, and shouted "Joon, tell your friend to cut it out before I kick his a**!" at the ceiling.

Distracted, Jimin turned, watching Seokjin argue with his soulmate.

"Yes you very well can! Tell him! --I'm sitting next to his soulmate, dumba**, he's getting head pains again!-- school? Uh, I think that's pretty clear." He turned to Jimin, raising his eyebrows. "You're hiding from him, right?"

"I guess," Jimin sighed, wincing as the pain renewed itself.

"Are you sick? Did someone hurt you? It's been days."

"How do you even know I'm not there?" Jimin mumbled reluctantly, unable to pretend he wasn't listening.

"I asked Jungkook. He's freaking out, by the way."

"Then leave him alone!"

"Not about me, you. He's doesn't know what's going on."

"I'm not in the mood for this--" Jimin snapped, pausing as Jin laid a hand on his shoulder, shushing him and cocking his head as if listening to another voice.

"Joon's trying to explain."

A chuckle ran across the bond, faint as it was. "I'm not trying to stalk you."

A pause. Then, "What's this about me giving you a panic attack?"

Jimin groaned and let his head fall into his hands. "Is he telling him everything?" he asked Seokjin, reaching out to shake him by the shoulder.

"What don't you want Yoongi to know?" Seokjin asked softly. "Joonie wouldn't know it either, would he?" he paused, frowning, then sighed, groaning. "Jungkook flipped."

"He what?" Jimin froze, eyes wide. What had happened to Jungkook?

"Taehyung had to take him out of the cafeteria, he's bawling. Everyone followed. I don't think Kook knows they're listening."

Jimin gulped, a pit forming at the bottom of his stomach. "How much has he said...?"

Seokjin bit his lip, closing his eyes, and they snapped open. He reached out, standing up, and pulled Jimin into his arms, burying his face in his neck. "Yoongi knows your name," he said. "About a half-dozen of the things you've said about him recently, aaaaand..." he sighed softly. "Your, ah, family circumstances."

Jimin's breath stuttered to a halt. It was over. Over. Yoongi would reject him. Seokjin would yell at him, ask him how he could even stand to live. Everyone would leave him, just like he'd told Jungkook.

He'd never wanted to cry so badly, leaky as his eyes had been lately.

"I'm sorry," Seokjin said. "I should have stopped them earlier. Any omega would crack under that kind of mental pressure... Jimin?"

Jimin gasped. He'd been bracing himself, waiting for Seokjin to yell or push him away. Hesitantly, he looked up at the older omega, only to avoid his eyes. Seokjin frowned.

"Joon," he said warningly. "Distract Yoongi. If he says anything--"


So that happened. But do y'all think Yoongi's going to abandon Jimin just because his mom left him on his own? *raised eyebrows* who's really the stupid one here? 

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