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Jimin sighed, shoulders sagging, and kept walking, forcing himself to keep his eyes forward.

"Hyung, please," Jungkook said, pulling in front of him. "I want to talk to you."

"I don't want to hear any--"

"Hyung!" Jungkook was tearing up, perhaps because Jimin's eyes were already watering. "This isn't about Yoongi-hyung, it's about you! Why are you taking suppressants again? Jisoo said you felt better without them!"

"I don't want to hear him," Jimin spat, a tear tracing down his cheek. He stepped around Jungkook, but the younger omega raced after him, following him up the stairs.

"But can't you block him without the suppressants? Without the headaches? Why are you doing this to yourself?!"

Jimin didn't want it. He didn't want it. He laced his hands behind his head and pulled them forward, stretching his neck. "I can't, Kook. He-- He'll break in while I'm trying to study, or something, and then--"

"Why?" Jungkook sobbed.

Jimin finally turned around. Jungkook was crying so hard he'd already stumbled to a halt, a few paces behind.

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" Jungkook said. "Why, hyung?"

"He doesn't want me anyways," Jimin said, struggling to suppress his tears.

"He keeps trying to talk to you!"

"He doesn't care about me!" Jimin yelled, "He doesn't care! He's just another stupid alpha!"


"No," Jimin said. "I was stupid. I should've seen it coming. I should never have let him in. I should never have talked to him. I should never have believed anything he said!"

Jungkook let out a broken sob, stepping toward him.

"Why?" Jimin demanded, though he knew the omega had no answer for him. "Who would ever want someone like me?"

"Hyung, please--"

"You're all the same," Jimin said, and this time he couldn't resist the sob swelling in his chest. "You're all the same. Why do I even care anymore?!"

Jungkook fell into him, wrapping his arms around him and bawling into his shoulder. Jimin stumbled back and fell, hard. Pain shot up his back, but he stayed, sobbing.

"No one wants me," he said. "No one wants me. You'll -- you'll all get mated and leave me..."

"Please don't say that, hyung," Jungkook whimpered, holding him tighter. "Please..."

"It's the truth," Jimin said, chest heaving, eyes shut tight. "Everyone leaves. Everyone leaves, and I can't do anything!"

"Then don't go," Jungkook said, and Jimin felt himself about to break again, about to crumble and tell Jungkook he would never leave, he would always be there, would always be his friend. Somehow, he managed to pull himself together.

"I have to," he said dully, tears still burning in his eyes. "Or it'll hurt worse." 

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