No Sense In It

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"You have a really nice ex-friend."

"Go away," Jimin hissed, gripping his pencil so tightly it snapped in two.

"He said he wants to respect your privacy and he doesn't understand it either. Should I take comfort in that? That you don't tell anyone anything?"

"Sir, may I go to the bathroom?" Jimin said.

The teacher shrugged, gesturing for him to go, and Jimin leapt up, shooting a glare at Jungkook on his way out. Jungkook visibly shrank in his seat, and as the classroom door slammed behind him Jimin imagined that he was already talking to Taehyung, maybe telling him where Jimin was headed.

The pain returned as he locked himself in a bathroom stall, leaning against the door.

"You don't have to scowl at him. I asked."

"What is your problem?" Jimin snapped. "I've been clear enough with you. Just leave me alone!"

"You still haven't explained yourself. I don't even know your name."

"And you're not going to get it." Jimin let out a soft moan of pain, leaning against the door. "Go away, please. I want to finish school today."

"I want to know my mate's name," Yoongi snapped. "It's a simple question. You might share a name with dozens of others in school!"

"Why couldn't you have waited until graduation or something?" Jimin grumbled. "We were almost there. A whole year, and you would've never noticed I was missing. You'd have found someone else to mess around with and dominate, and I'd be free--"

"How fake do you think alphas are?"

"I'm not in the mood to debate this with you."

"Well, I am. Obviously, this is important to you." Yoongi sounded genuinely hurt. "You think after all these years of self-control I would cheat on you?"

"It's happened before."

"You know, TV reports extreme cases, like one-in-a-billion cases. I wasn't raised like they were. I want a relationship with you, not someone who'll eventually run into their mate and run off."

Jimin sniffled.

"I'm serious. Forget everything I said about coming off the suppressants-- I think I know what some of the issues are, now. We don't have to jump into the deep end." Yoongi paused, and Jimin held his breath, closing his eyes.

"Can I just have your name?"

Jimin let out a broken sob, sitting down hard on the bathroom floor. Yoongi didn't understand. Why did he expect him to understand? It was so hard already, knowing he was linked to someone he didn't want anything to do with. It was so hard knowing his freedom hinged on whether he took his pills-- if that. It was so hard sitting here, head pounding, trying to push the stupid alpha away.

But the alternative scared him so much.

He bit his lip to muffle his sobs, leaning back against the stall door.

"Mama," he mumbled. "Mama, what am I supposed to do?" 

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