Ch.6: Strange Attitude.

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Song: Underground - Lindsey Stirling.

“Come on, little pea” the white haired girl who was carrying the other girl on her shoulders speaks “I know you can grab it”

The girl manages to reach the cans on the top shelf “I got them”

“That’s my girl!” she lowers her to the ground and hugs her pinching her cheeks.

Against the boy’s wishes, the white haired girl started following them everywhere, and what’s worst is that his friend seemed to enjoy more her company than she enjoys his.

The boy grabs her shoulder and pulls her away from the stranger.

“Now we only need water” he looks at the list holding the girl’s hand.

The only good outcome of her company is that now they have a secure place to sleep at night.

“Uhm… It’ll be hard to find water in here” the little girl mutters.

Even when they were on a Supermarket, the whole place was isolated and almoat empty.

“We should look—”

Suddenly, gunshots could be heard from the other side of the place.

The boy grabs his friend pulling her against his chest while hiding behind a shelf as the white haired girl crouched next to them while holding her gun.

After a couple of shots and curses, only a voice is heard in the quiet place, then someone falling on the ground. Slowly, the kids exit from their hiding place seeing an agonizing man holding his wounds. He had an uniform from the S City.

“An S-Class Explorer” the white haired girl says.

The man hears the voice and opening his eyes, he raises his gun towards the children. Quickly, the boy puts her friend behind him as the white haired girl pointed her gun at him.

“W-Wait!” the little girl raises her hands “I-I’m a healer! I can help you out before you bleed out to death”

“A healer?” the man raises an eyebrow “But you are a kid… How old are you? Five?”

“I’m eleven actually” she chuckles nervously and walks towards the man with her hands up.

“Don’t go over there” the boy walks towards the girl but the man points his gun at him.

“Little pea! Come here” the other girl keeps pointing at the other man.

“Please don’t aim at my friends” the little girl speaks “I know that you think that everyone on C City are bad but we are only trying to survive”

“That’s what everyone say” he looks at her and then coughs blood.

“I know” she stands in front of him “Because everyone wants to live for another day…  I can help you… if you let me”

The man slowly lowers his gun and nods.

“Great” she kneels in front of him and looks at his bullet wounds “The good news is that the bullet is still inside your body and it seems that they didn't touch any vital organ"

He groans “And the bad one?”

“Once we take them out, we will need to stop the bleeding immediately” she looks at his eyes “I don’t have medical equipment here meaning that the only way to do it is by cauterization”

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