Ch.10: A Trap.

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He opens his eyes and looks at the window of the little room seeing the heavy storm outside, he could hear the screams of the ghouls. It was dangerous to be on the streets at this time, not even the alarm could stunt them right now.

He trembles as he thinks of her. If she was a reasonable person, she would hide until the storm goes away… but she wasn’t a reasonable person. Standing up from the floor, he quickly rushes outside to find her and make sure that she is safe and sound.
It was worse than he last remember it, the ghouls were running to one side to the other, there was chaos everywhere. He tries to think in the closest store where she might be, hearing a shotgun in the distance, he rushes to the direction of the sound and hides behind a car seeing civilians being eaten alive by the ghouls. He grows worried each second she is apart from him and he feel his heart stopping for a second when he sees a white haired running on the other side of the street… she was alone. With a frown on his face, he quickly runs towards the girl and pushes her towards the wall holding her shirt.

“Where is she!?” he glares at her.

She quickly tries to pull out her gun but he slaps away her hand making her drop the gun.

“Answer me!” he was furious… if something happened to her…

“I-I don’t know!” he could feel the fear on her voice “W-We got separated, she tried to go back to the penthouse”

He takes a step apart from her and tries to think which path she took on this storm.
“Look, if we—”

He glares at her “Stay away from us… or I swear I’ll kill you” he sees a ghoul running towards them and quickly flees to other direction. He needs to find her before he loses his mind.



He groans and opens his eyes before closing them again at the bright light.

“The fuck…”

“You fell asleep on the machine…” he hears a light chuckle through the speaker “I finished the scan almost an hour ago but you were already sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb you”

“Take me out of here…”

“Sure thing” she walks into the room and presses the buttons to take him out of the machine.

“Why are we still here?” he rubs his head sitting on the bed.

“Well… the room is free for the rest of the day and you seemed tired so I just let you sleep while I worked in other things” she raises her suitcase.

He looks at her for a second and then looks at the side with a blush on his cheeks “Why do care for me? I hope that you haven’t forgot our deal…”

“You are my top priority, 703” she smiles at him “I want to find an answer of this infection but I don’t want to make you feel like a lab rat” she pats his head “After all, I just proved that you have a human mind… A little bit wicked but a human mind nevertheless”

He looks at her eyes for a couple of seconds before pulling her cheeks.

“Would you please leave my cheeks alone?”


“703, I have to take you back to your cell…”

He squishes her cheeks one last time before standing up from the bed as she rubs her cheeks. Taking the collar from the suitcase, she places it back on his neck securing it.

“Let’s go…” she walks to the door with the experiment walking close behind her.

When she looks around the halls, she notices that they were alone, as if the whole building was sent into lockdown without informing her.

Feeling strong arms around her waist, she looks at 703 as he pulls her away from the attack of a ghoul coming from the vent. She didn’t hear it coming. The ghoul gets down on the floor and charges towards her but 703 grabs it from behind and tears its head apart from the body.


“There are more coming this way, they are following your scent” he lifts her up on his arms and runs to the elevator “You will be safe in my cell” more ghouls started to came from the vents running towards them as 703 reached to the elevator “Use your card”

She tries to pass the card to the reader but it rejected it every try.

“I-It’s locked… It won’t open”

He frowns and looks at the ghouls getting closer to them.

“Stay behind me” he puts her down as she takes the tablet and tries to activate the alarm but nothing happened.

When she looks up from her tablet, she sees him fighting the other ghouls… or more like him ripping them apart. She marks the number of Dr. Lace and waits for her to pick up but the line was dead.

Taking a deep breath she looks back at 703, he was outnumbered. She could try to run to the stairs but she couldn’t find herself leaving the experiment behind.

She looks at her suitcase and lays it on the floor kneeling in front of it as she opens it looking for something that might help her. She had little bottles with chemicals inside that she needed for work, she grabs her bottle of water and empties it on the ground filling it up with chlorine and ammonia, she takes some pennies from her pocket and inserts them on the bottle closing it and shaking it. Maybe if they detected a toxic gas on the floor, they would activate the alarm and send someone, besides, the toxic gas would burn down the insides out of anyone who breaths it, it may give them an advantage.

“703!” she stands up from the ground as the experiment looks at her “Come here!”

He pushes the other ghouls and run towards her lifting her from the ground.

“The stairs are on the west hall, don’t breath until then” she holds her breath and opens a little the bottle throwing it to the closest ghoul.

703 holds his breath and run towards the stairs. The ghouls stops following them as they started bleeding from their noses feeling their brains shutting down in a painful way.

As she expected, the stair’s door where closed but 703 managed to bust it open and run downstairs pushing the doors open. When they enter into the floor, many guards were expecting them with their guns pointed at them. 703 glares at them and puts her behind him while getting ready to fight.

(Y/n) was confused as Dr. Lace walks in front of the guards while looking at them… What was happening?

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