Ch.8: Familiar Feelings.

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When he opens his eyes, he sees the white haired girl glaring down at him while his friend slept on his arms. It was still dark outside and it was raining.

“She was with me…” she mutters “She’s supposed to be with me”

“She is mine…” he hugs her close to him and closes his eyes “And I will kill you when she isn’t looking… unless you leave us now, of course”

The glare on her eyes hardens “I hate you but I like her… and I will kill you when she isn’t looking” she walks away.

The boy opens his eyes looking at the direction where she left, he now has a reason to kill her. He looks down at her friend as she yawns and hides her face on his chest.

“What time is it?” she mutters waking up.

“Too early…” he kisses her head “Go back to sleep…”

She looks at the window “It’s raining…”

“I know, don’t you like the rain?”

“I love it…”

He smiles looking down at her “I love it too…”

She closes her eyes hugging him “You should sleep too…”

“I will…”


(Y/n) reads her notes one last time. She was standing on her room walking to one side to the other. It was midnight and she was only wearing a long shirt and her hair was tied up on a messy bun.

She can’t stop thinking about the psychological results of 703. He has a human mind… he thinks more like a human than a ghoul, meaning that his depressive thoughts were from before he became a ghoul including the preference of being isolated. But that also means that in his human mind, it was alright to kill seven human beings in order to protect her.

She was happy that his mind is still human but she thinks that she should keep studying it.

A knock on her door wakes her up from her little trance.

“Dr. (L/n)” it was the voice of the guard Sveta “Can we talk a little?”

The doctor walks towards the door and opens it a little looking at the taller woman in front of her.

“Is everything alright, guard Orlov?”

“Oh, please, call me Sveta” she chuckles.

“Oh, okay” she nods “Is everything alright, Sveta?”

“Yes, I wanted to get to know you better since Dr. Lace asked me to stay close to you”

“Dr. Lace asked you that?” she tilts her head.

“Yes, she thinks that you are special” she winks at her.

“Special?” she moves to the side as Sveta enters.

“Yes, not many people can deal with mutants” she looks around “And with a mutant as fucked up as 703 is a miracle that you are still alive, how did you do it?” she looks at her.

(Y/n) closes the door and turns to look at Sveta “I can’t talk about 703 with others unless Dr. Lace authorizes it”

“Aw, that’s a pity... I wanted to look intellectual for you” she walks closer to her cupping her cheeks “You are really adorable”

She blushes and nods “Okay…”

Sveta chuckles “Okay? I’m a little hurt by that”

“I… I don’t know how to flirt, sorry” she looks at her eyes.

Sveta looks at her eyes for a second and then laughs “I like you already” she hugs her “Why don’t we watch a movie together?”

“Are you aware that we can’t have romantic relationships in the facility?”

“I know, don’t worry” she pinches her cheek “It’s only a movie…”

“Alright then…” she nods.


The next morning, (Y/n) wakes up hearing the sound of her alarm going off. When she opens her eyes, she notices that she was laying on the couch with a blanket over her while Sveta was still sleeping on the other side of the couch. Standing up from her place, she lightly shakes her shoulder.

“Sveta…” she talks “Sveta, it’s 6 a.m.”

She only groans.

“You need to leave…”

“Can I stay here?” she looks at her.

“No, I have private documents”

Sveta sighs and stands up “Okay, okay” she walks towards the door “I’ll see you around” she exits the room.

Taking a deep breath, (Y/n) starts her daily routine preparing herself to start her shift.

Once outside her room, (Y/n) checks the state of some ghouls that had been acting strange lately in order to help others doctors that looked up to her.

A little smile forms on her lips as she finishes checking on the last ghoul knowing that now she could see experiment 703.

She can finally tell him the results of the psychological test and ask him just a couple of questions. Entering into his cells, she sees him standing up from the corner while looking at her.

“703” she smiles at him “I got good news but I still have some questions that I need you to answer”

He walks closer to her and rests his head on her shoulder.

“Say, doc… Have you been close to another mutant recently?”

“E-Excuse me?” she wasn’t used at this closeness yet, but she couldn’t find herself moving away his warmness.

“My senses are more sensitive than normal…” he hugs her from her waist pulling her towards him “And I sense another mutant that has been close to you…” his glare was colder each second “I hate that smell, please don’t treat a mutant other than me…”

She chuckles nervously “I don’t know what are you talking about, I haven’t treated another mutant recently… but I’ve checked another ghouls on my way here” she tries to look at his face but fails.

703 stares blankly at the wall “Sure…”

She was starting to feel an uneasy felling coming from him “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing” he lies and hugs her close to him. There was something familiar on the scent that was glued to her… something that he hated with all his guts.

She didn’t believe him… maybe it was more than just a couple of questions that she needed to ask.

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