Chapter 8: A Fly's Swain

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Beelzebub: "Oh, if it isn't my dear Lucy. Welcome to the Abyss." She greeted her with ease.

Lucifer: "Like HELL I need your goddamn introduction! Stay away that man you disgusting fly! He belongs to me! " She shouted back at her.

Y/N: "Huh. You two really had some history together.." You mumbled quietly.

Lucifer: "If you dare touch that man even the slightest.. I will tear out YOUR fucking hand apart." She threatened Beel.

Beelzebub: "Oh my dear Lucy. You have never really changed your grudge against me do you? What if I.." She held the palm of the Helltaker himself with her free hand. "Oops." She smirked to Lucifer in self satisfaction.

Wonder if the Helltaker is reddening right now as of this moment.

Judgement had ready herself with both her metal gauntlets, waiting to see this boil up as High Prosecutor and defeat Beel as a last resort.

Helltaker: "Y/N, what should we do?" He suddenly asked you.

You turned to face him.

Y/N: "Like hell I would know! As far as I'm concerned, this moment right now is a boiling pot." You'd exclaim.

You looked back at Lucifer, still sporting that hatred on her face whilst looking at Beel who's really looking forward to infuriate her more.

Y/N: "Lucy." You called her by her nickname.

Lucifer: "Don't call me that. Y/N." She replied back with a serious tone.

Y/N: "Sorry, Lucifer. But should we all just stand down and talk about this? There must be some other way."

Lucifer: "OTHER WAY? How is there an other way with this lousy maggot spitting bitch! Touching my beloved man!"

Beelzebub: "Says the one coming from an irresponsible, unbearable, oversensitive, welfare queen like you."

You were starting to lose your patience with the two. But however though, you still held back your minor anger against Beelzebub and Lucifer as you don't want to be.. You know. Dead?

Don't ever get on a demon's bad side. Repeat those words every time.

Lucifer is already losing her patience so much with Beelzebub, it's clear that she will lose this argument with her unless she resorts to violence with the current High Prosecutor. Another epic battle. But this time, in the Abyss itself.

Judgement: "Any orders, Lucifer? Just say the word."

Y/N: "No, don't!" You exclaimed.

Judgement: "Then what else should I do Y/N? You want me to make you suffer too?"

Y/N: "Not that either!" You shot back.

The Helltaker is already looking forward to resolve this situation with conditions that the both will agree on said conditions.

You on the other hand, will have to oversee this situation being resolved, if there any confrontations occured, you be sure to dismantle it. No one has to shout or get hurt.

Helltaker: "Beel, if you would be kind to let go of my hand for the time being?" He'd ask.

Beelzebub: "Why would I ever let you go, my Helltaker?"

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