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It has happened! This is my first book that has hit a THOUSAND VOTES!!

Couldn't have reached this without you boys and gals reading this with your time, and patience. Amidst a whole month and once a two-month hiatus, you all still wait.. and wait.. and wait, just to read what happens next after the chapter before it. I may be a busy guy at this time of the year just focusing on school and other miscellaneous hobbies other than writing. But know this, I will finish what I started, I will say when this will be finished. But it's not finishing anytime soon so I guess it's a good thing since there's more coming for the adventures of you, the Helltaker, and the Demon Girls..? And Evie too also I guess? But it's gonna be a long way until a conclusion for this comes.

I think that's all I have to type now. To all who voted and commented, maybe even shared this (embarrassing) work of mine. You have my sincere gratitude, thank you.

 You have my sincere gratitude, thank you

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Date reached: February 26, 2022

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