Shorts: Switch-a-You! I

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Hi! Welcome to shorts. To put it simply and short, these are "extras" and aren't related to the story of Divination okay? Did you get all of that? Of course you're reading this why would I type it.

We all know that you, the reader of course, are a male in this story. But what if... Instead of the reader being a male of course I'm talking about you the one who's reading this right now once or twice, is actually a female? How would you feel about that? Well today, we are going to find out in this little part that I wrote!

For the 6% of confirmed Female Readers reading this. Yes this is a fact, it's 6%.

A well rested sleep from the night indeed is something that is needed, a bed below your body to lie down on, pillows to make your head comfortable and to hold one while asleep. Sometimes you just wish to that you would want to stay like this for so long until the next day. But you had to get out of your bed to start your day, walking out of the room while Beelzebub still falls asleep. For now.

Once you were downstairs you'd start a fresh brew like always for your own mornings. Pandemonica would always lighten up to the smell of a fresh cup of coffee as she steps downstairs, a steaming mug placed on the dining table just for her to drink that she knows it's made from you which makes her grateful for you to be around, and don't worry even she's grateful to the Helltaker also although... Let's say that he is not at your level of making coffee.

You walked out from the kitchen and turn to Pandemonica sipping her mug with her eyes closed. You can't help but smile to the fact that she very much loved the coffee that you provided, but also a relief since that's what keeps her from possibly killing you slowly. Yeah.. That doesn't sound so nice wasn't it?

Y/N: "Always enjoying a cuppa coffee every morning yeah?"

The Sadistic Demoness opens her eyes in satisfaction, but that was instantly gone when she spits out unexpectedly when she looks at how you look. It's like seeing someone new that you did not expect at such time.

Y/N: "The hell was that for..?!"

Pandemonica: "J-just who are you?!"

Y/N: "Have you gotten enough sleep last night? You were working too hard on yourself-" At a sudden moment you realized something wasn't quite right.

It's not quite right.. But more like there is something that's not very, very right. Every piece on the puzzle just doesn't fit in.

Y/N: "Wh-why do I sound.. Different? It's almost like-" You paused. Noticing very quickly that your voice is not what it is supposed to be. "I sound like a girl..."

You look down to see a pair of breasts grown on your chest beneath your shirt. Starting to redden very quickly as you tried to grasp at what was going on on yourself. You're not your original self, discerning that there is a very distinctive difference from you before and now this moment.

"I must be dreaming. I definitely must be dreaming."

Y/N: "HOW AM I A GIRL?!" You shouted.

Back upstairs, the Helltaker whom is in the bathroom upstairs currently at the moment heard the shout from downstairs, he knows it is a voice of a woman but it does not belong to one of the demon girls. With a look of speculation on his face, the Helltaker steps out of the bathroom once he was done and starts walking down.

Helltaker: "Uhh.. Is everything alright down.. Here..." He slowly stopped walking when he first saw you unexpectedly in the house.

Y/N: "T-takes..! It's me Y/N! I can explain!"

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