Chapter 16: Visit Unwanted

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7:30 A.M.

At an urban financial and lifestyle district of a dazzling city in a condominium, Evie wakes up at her usual time this weekend. She willingly gets up from bed without problems and proceeds straight to the kitchen to make her own cup of coffee using the fresh caffeine bags that was given by her beloved barista friend. You of course that was referred to. While waiting for her first cup of coffee of the morning she always goes to the bathroom to prepare herself for the rest of the whole day.

Living alone has its perks, like no disturbance from others, being told what to do so, and avoiding unnecessary social contact that wouldn't be your cup of tea, and plus you can do anything at anytime. But everything has a con. It feels lonely, and sometimes unpleasant that will literally drive anyone capable of never talking to someone else again like they have major problems on communicating.

What Evie doesn't know though is that she is a small hot topic on the condominium, regarded as a madonna of the complex by more than several living residents and working employees inside.

Evie had only just gotten out of the bathroom to hear a doorbell ringing from her front door. The coffee machine made a ping sound signifying that its brewing is done allowing for a fresh cup under it to be filled with hot coffee.

Evie: "Yes hello? Who is knocking?" She asked through the front door.

She usually does this as a safety precaution, once answered she sees through the peephole and if it was blocked then it is considered suspicious and shady with an intent.

But fortunately, that didn't happen.

Y/N: "It's me." You replied through the door.

Evie smoothly opens the door to you. A smile from the decade that you met with her, still never changed in any way.

Y/N: "Good morning. Evie."

Meanwhile back at the Helltaker's household...

Malina, the sour demon, had been on a room for a straight day now. Cause yesterday you bought a kind of game for her on the console that you gave when she started settling in. Seven years later it still works fine for a box of wonder can't lie about that.

Malina: "Red dead redemption two huh.. Cover looks good." She turns the physical copy the other way. "Even the back does too. 'America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun." The sour demon continues to read the whole description imprinted with curiosity. "Outlaws for life. Huh, this oughta be an experience."

She opens the case, revealing a disc for the game itself and places it in the console's disk drive. Unfortunately what she did not know about a console when putting a game that had just been bought is that it has to be downloaded first before playing it. She thought after putting it in she can play it instantly without pause, mere disappointment is how she reacted to this.

Malina: "Well... I guess maybe tomorrow I'll get to play it." Looking at the game downloading, she notices the amount of space it takes to download. Her eyes widened at this as she never seen such game that needed this big of a space. "Looks like I'm drinking tonight for this shit." She grabs her fourth bottle of vodka, chugging it down.

Let us look at Modeus, the succubus demon of course but very surely she is easily memorable so put that in mind of course! Recently in the past days she has non stop been watching... Very explicit, adult entertainment... Pornography...

It's an obvious fact what the fuck.

However she does not mention where she watches it so it is still unknown where she truly had access to it. Amidst thousands and thousands of videos she chooses one that she had an interest the most. Gym workout videos. Explicit gym workout videos of course... It's just porn.

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