Chapter 15: A Foreboding Truth

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Oh wow. It's been a month! Sorry for the hiatus, it's just I've been very busy lately. In the next several days there will be chapters just waiting to be published so stay tuned!

1:08 P.M.

It was an hour since noon hits the day. You are currently at work for the rest of the afternoon, sometimes you would be occasionally visited by Pandemonica for her usual coffee and sometimes Beelzebub wanting for some affection from you, which would be embarrassing when doing it in front of your co-workers and customers if it had attracted attention.

Back at the household, the man himself, a man of muscle and charm was doing his job for taking care of the girls back inside. With Ceberus' messy playstyle, and Malina's constant stench of alcohol that would hit anyone's noses. He did see something that wasn't suprising a change though from Zdrada, instead of telling her that smoking was not allowed the house all the time, she did without the need of being told. But still, that was only one part of her changed, still being bitchy as ever.

Right now, with all the hard work done for the time being, he laid his whole body on the couch. With Ceberus beside him sleeping at genuine peace.

While he was relaxing, Lucifer on the other hand, was cooking her fifth batch of chocolate pancakes, in fact she made forty pancakes for the time being, last week was a little over a hundred.

Helltaker didn't even get diabetes or issues yet from all those sugary delights that he cooked and ate.

Lucifer: "And that should be the last and... Done!" She places the last chocolate pancake on top.

She walks out with it outside the kitchen and places it on the dining table for anyone willing to eat it. After that, she thinks it is time to take a break from just cooking and preparing chocolate pancakes for the time being.

Looking around, she spots something particularly odd. A photo taken from a film camera kept behind a wooden picture frame. Lucifer examines it. It was you and Evie happily smiling while carrying her behind your back and her arms wrapped around your neck.

At first, she looks at the young woman. Nothing peculiar comes out as she thought it is just one of your friends. But then she looks at you. Your younger self a couple decades ago. It felt so odd yet she could not match the pieces together. But one thing is for sure. And that is...

Lucifer: "I feel like.. I think I may have seen him before..." She thought in her head.

Helltaker: "Something the matter Lucy?" He interrupts.

Lucifer almost shrieks when the Helltaker unexpectedly came in and noticed her looking at one of his beloved friend's photos. When he saw, it was strange at first. It should not be here downstairs.

Helltaker: "That's weird. Thought that photo would be in Y/N's room."

Lucifer: "Really? Huh.. That is quite odd." She continues to examine the photo as a drop of sweat slowly streams down.

Helltaker: "Why are you on edge a bit? There something you wanna get your chest off?" He'd ask.

A couple moments of silence pauses the conversation awhile. There was something she needed to tell to the Helltaker. About the past before she met him, a time in the past where things started to change with her relationship with someone in particular.


Lucifer: "Taker." She called for his attention. "I think we need to talk."

From there, a table sat between the two. Both were anxious inside but Lucifer still needed to tell about the past to him. Otherwise, she would lose his trust and his loyalty to her. However though this would greatly increase their relationship further together between the two.

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