Chapter 14: All is Well

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3:39 P.M.

48 hours. It has been a total of 48 hours long and now on to 72 since last saturday night's incident. You missed work yesterday due to the Crimson Queen's intention to make you stay until she feels like you can go all by yourself with her instincts feeling like she can trust you.

Or at least until she says so.

There was nothing to contribute to your job as a Barista for the local café as you've made an honest excuse to the Gepetto otherwise the local coffee shop's owner that'd you'd be gone until tomorrow Wednesday.

So for now, you are under care of Beelzebub. A possessive one, distinctively.

Down the stairs you go stepping in to the kitchen and grabbing a pitcher of water and a cup from the dishwasher, sitting on one of the chairs on the main table you continued reading a type of book that you brought with. The past hour has been relatively quiet with the girls around though can't say for sure that something wasn't quite right.

A curious one walks to you, with a folder, a notepad, and a pen with an innocent smile on her face with good and holy intentions.

Azazel: "Good afternoon Mr. Y/N!" She greeted.

Y/N: "Oh afternoon Azazel." She takes a seat just beside you. "So what brings you here?"

Azazel: "Well it's about the faiths that humans here believe in. By the way, is it true that there are people don't believe in God at all?"

Y/N: "Yeah actually. There are people who don't believe in anything though and some of those try to prove that religion is just something that us humans made up. And..."

For the next several minutes, you continued to brief the explanation as best as you can to her as the Curious Angel starts taking notes with her notepad, like a star student listening to their favorite teacher. With stars in her eyes, she was pleased with what she had written and your reaction were that nothing more than a satisfied smile.

However though there is something distinctive about her that you had noticed until now. Her hair was starting to change color with a distinctive amount of hair shafts starting to gray.

Y/N: "Hey Azazel do you notice anything new in your hair?"

A change of expression in her eyes as she stopped writing on her notepad, she turns to you with that same smile and it felt off.

Azazel: "N-no.. Nothing is wrong with my hair..! I am certain that I'm not falling! It's a fairy tale! It has to be!"

Y/N: "W-woah calm down! No need to react like that. I'm sure it's nothing but a natural occurrence in hair.."

Azazel: "How do you know if it's a natural occurrence!?"

Y/N: "The cells in your hair are dying that's why its turning grey!"

Azazel: "I hope you're saying that it is true!" She exclaimed at you.

Y/N: "Because it is!"

From that sudden panic from the Curious Angel herself you would sigh at that. You took your phone beside your book and searched 'what causes hair to turn gray?' on the browser and showed it to Azazel.

Y/N: "Look."

You placed the phone's screen on the surface of the table for Azazel to see.

She looks at the info given by the search result. Slowly but surely she begins to calm down as the tense of the thought of being a fallen angel could be a fairytale after all and nothing but a natural growth while reading it.

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