information before reading

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heyo, this is gonna be my first xiaoven (xiao x venti)  fanfic so please bare with me. I'd also like to say that the characters I'll be using in this story aren't mine and they belong to mihoyo. the only thing that belongs to me is the plot. oh and just in case you don't know where the characters in this book are from, they are all from a game called genshin impact. ;)

now that that's out of the way I'd like to talk about what will be in this book before you read!

this book is on the mature side so please, if you don't like the topics then leave I'll also be doing certain ships in this book as well so again if you don't like then leave please.

Alright! The list below is what will likely show up in the book at some time and I'll be sure to leave tigger warnings (tw) before each chapter just in case.
This list may change during the book's future so please look back here when it does!

- suicidal thoughts
- alcohol
- drugs
- bxb... duh
-sexual harassment
- physical and emotional neglect


that should be all! I'll see you guys in the next chapter.


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