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song is - I can't handle change by R.O.A.R.


Venti's pov
third person-

As the male stood in front of the mic his eyes wondered around not really focusing on anything in particular just going around as his brain though about what he wanted to sing. He was planning on going back to work because he needed something to distract him from his current problems.

" Venti, just sing whatever comes to mind." Diluc said while watching the male look around at nothing.

" I know, just thinking." The stressed male said while rubbing his head before sighing and closing his eyes.

He let his lips open and air went in and out before a sound came out. Venti's voice was always so amazing to hear but it was different from the tones he'd usually use. His music was normal all happy and upbeat tones but this one was so sad and lonely.

< play the song if you want ;)>

Diluc watched the male with sad eyes as he started to up the volume and started the recorder just in case venti liked the song he'd be able to go back and listen to it so he wouldn't forget it.

" Hangin' out where I don't belong is nothing new to me
I get tired and I get sick and then I lose the strength to leave." He sang while his hands shook a little.

" I can't handle change
  I can't handle change"

" Nothing I do is ever good
  Nothing I do is ever good enough
  Nothing I do is ever good."

" Nothing I do is ever good
  Nothing I do is ever good enough
  Nothing I do is ever good."

" Leave me alone
  Leave me alone
  Leave me alone
  Leave me alone." He sang while tears slowly rolled down his eyes and his shaking hands took hold of the mic as he pulled it a little closer to him.

" I can't help but repeat myself
I know it's not your fault
Still lately, I begin to shake
For no reason at all." As the words left his lips tear started to flow rapidly down his cheeks and his eyes opened to see his hands shaking and diluc looking at the male with watery eyes and a sad face.

" For no reason at all
  For no reason at all
  For no reason at all
  For no reason at all."

He sang before pulling away from the mic and curling himself up into a ball as he cried it out. All the stress and pain he'd been holding in came flowing out like a broken dam. Diluc watched the male and let him have his time to let it out. He needed this and diluc wasn't finna be the one to stop him from letting it out.

The cries continued and diluc went into the room and gently hugged the male before patting his back and helping him up.

" let's call it a day and you can edit and record the final product tomorrow." Diluc said while helping the male out of the room.

Venti just nodded and wiped his eyes with a soft sigh. His heart felt relief for the first time since the accident, he felt happy that he was able to let his feelings out and even more happy that he got to make a song for his fans.

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