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Alright!! Sorry for this chapter being a day late I got stomach problems 😫.


Aether's POV

As I walked back into my temporary dressing-room for this session I saw blank white walls on all three walls and to the far back wall was a big mirror that took up the whole wall and there was a long white desk in front of half of the mirror.

The desk cut the mirror off on that side but on the other side that didn't have the desk was a full length mirror that went from the very top of the wall and all the way down to the floor for a full body mirror look.

Over the big mirror were bright lights that looked like the lights they'd use for the photos which would have made the room really hot if they were. " must be the same color shade so they can see how i look before the shoot to make sure the lighting won't mess up the makeup or outfit." I mumbled to myself while looking at the long black couch on the wall by the door I had just shut.

Besides the big mirror and cluttered white desk. There was a table on the side with drinks and small snacks and in the middle of them all was a nameplate with my name on it in a gold color. " hmm"

Before I could place the clothes I was holding down the door bust open and in came three girls.
" hello, Aether we'll be here to help you change and do your hair along with your makeup for this session." The first girl said. She had purple hair and a small smile while the other two behind her with bags and papers in hand has brown hair.

" oh, well I can get dressed myself." I said still in a pissy mood because of what happened this morning.

" please we insists that you let us sir." One of the brunets said while biting her lip and holding her now empty hands together in a nervous manner.

" fine, sorry for being kinda rude. just a bad morning is all." I said noticing how the girl in front of me was just doing what she needed to for her job. Plus she looked like she was gonna piss her pants if I disagreed more.

" Really!? Thank you so much!" They all said while gently shutting my dressing room door and undressing me.
time skip-

As I looked at my now fluffy but long hair that was down and the top was curled lightly for a fluffy look while the bottom was just straightened and left out.

My makeup was simple, they applied foundation a little because of the lighting for the shoot and mascara to make my eyes pop out along with chapstick and a little highlight stuff for my nose.

For my outfit they picked out black skinny jeans with holes in them. They also gave me a light brown sweater that looked netted and black boots. This shoot was for a Autumn/ fall type of thing I assumed because they gave me a green frog bag to.

The three girls smiled and looked at me with bright eyes. " you look so good!" They were all complimenting me and all I could do was blush a little and then one of the girls clapped her hands while looking at me.

" THAT'S IT" she said while grabbing a big fluffy brush and spreading a little bit of red stuff all over my cheeks and nose. " Perfect! Not too much but not too little as well." She mumbled while placing the brush down and nodding at her work.

" I agree it looks 20x better now " one of the other girls said before leading me out to the shoot.

Kazuha pov

When I stared at the females that were in my dressing room looking at me with anger and frowns I rolled my eyes and pointed to the door.

" leave now and come back when I'm done." I said softly. I had been trying to get them out so I could dress myself because I didn't need their help with the clothes. Just hair and makeup.

" but-"

" please leave or I will." I finished and when that came out the females quickly left the room and slammed the door shut behind them before I could even hear their answer to what I had said.

" finally, I wonder what my partner for this shoot is like." I said while getting undressed and looking at the fall/ autumn themed clothes on the clothes rack.

I slide on the brown tank top that was connected to a red one and then a big brown shirt that fit over the others nicely and after I put on a pair of black jeans that had holes in them at the knees.

" black or brown" I mumbled looking at the shoes they had already laid out for me. After picking the brown that matched my shirt I put on the rings and bracelets that were on the white desk.

" Alight I'm ready." I said while opening the room door and watching as the girls looked up and down at me and nodding in approval. " very well, go sit please and we'll do the rest." One said as I walked to the white chair and took a seat.
" as you wish."

" alright Kazuha we are done. You can look and then come out and I'll lead you to the area where you'll be taking the photos today." the female said to me before leaving and as I looked at my somewhat fluffy hair at the top and straight bottom hair I nodded in approval as well.

" nice."

I walked out the dressing room and followed the girl quietly to the area and when I got there I saw a stunning male that looked a little shorter than me and he had blonde hair a long with the same themed clothes as I. " must be my partner." I mumbled between my lips while looking around and spotting the manager of this shoot.

" Ah Kazuha my dear boy. Come come!!" He said to me while clapping and grabbing the blonde haired males arm and pulling him over towards me as I met them halfway. " hello sir." I said to the manager before looking to the blonde.

" Good! Im glad you are both here on time and looking so ravishing." He added with a wink before slapping both our backs and waving. " I need to set up the camera and lights. So get to know each other while I get things ready." He said while walking off.

As I watched the male leave I turned and looked at the blonde in front of me and before I could talk he smiled softly and let out a small breathy beautiful sigh before speaking but I didn't catch what he had said because His smile had captured my ears and eyes.

" hey, I'm Aether." ~


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