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this chapter is basically the same day but in venti's POV.

tw- language

advice by Alex g- trick

POV. Venti

I awoke to my phone going off at 8am in the morning. Who could be calling me this early. I thought while rubbing my eyes and grabbing my phone off the dresser next to my bed and answering it. " hello?"

I said while closing my eyes slowly and waiting for the other person to answer without even looking at the caller Id before answering. " Venti, he's dead... gone .... I'm sorry" My brain didn't comprehend most of what diluc had just said but it did catch the words that'd make anyone panic. " what? Who? " I asked while getting up out of my bed and running to the front door and grabbing my car keys. " your best friend venti, he died this morning but we asked the news to hold the story so that you and his family can get ready" the male mumbled the last part. " I-.... what hospital?" Those were the only words I could say as I started my car and sped out of my garage. " mondstadt central hospital " once I heard the name I dropped the phone and grabbed the wheel and did a u-turn. " fuck .... Fuck " I mumbled while pulling into the hospital.

I grab my phone and ran into the room that diluc had text me before and once there I stopped and looked at the door for a good five minutes before a doctor came up to me. " do you know this male?" He had asked but all I could hear was nothing. I felt nothing as I looked into the little window on the door and saw a small pale male laying in a hospital bed. " sir do you know this man ?" The doctor asked again but words seemed to have escaped me as I stared at the male through the window. Too scared to go in and confirm that the pale lifeless man in that bed was my best friend. The one I saw yesterday night. The one I spent hours with daily. The one who was my only family.

" sir are you okay?" The doctor asked while placing a hand on my shoulder.  " Don't touch me you pathetic piece of trash, What kind of doctor are you huh? CANT EVEN SAVE A FUCKING PERSON"  I yelled at the doctor now facing him and pointing my finger at him. " GO BACK TO SCHOOL YOU DUMBASS IDIOT " I had completely lost my senses as I jabbed my finger into the doctors chest and punched it with my other hand. My thoughts were everywhere and my eyes hurt from the tears that started to pour out my eyes as if I was a broken dam.

diluc had came back from the cafeteria with two coffees but soon dropped them on the floor and grabbed me by the waist and yanked me away from the scared looking doctor. I wiggled and thrashed around in his arms as my body ached and my arms fought against his. " LET ME GO DILUC..... I HAVE TO SAVE HIM... let me go .. let me go let me goo uh" I said as nurses and doctors came and held me down along with diluc and shot me with a neutralizer. " hey venti, pull yourself together kid" diluc whispered as my eyes started to close and my body went limp. " I.. w-want him~" I said softly while passing out.

third person pov.

" I'm so sorry about that doctor, we'll be sure to compensate you well " diluc said to the doctor that was shaking lightly and nodding. " I-it's alright " he said before walking away.

Venti's limp body laid on the floor and all the doctors and nurses that had came to help slowly walked away but one stayed and looked at the male that was sitting on the ground by venti"s head. " shall I get a room for him?" Diluc looked up at the doctor and nodded. " yes please " diluc picked up the now sleeping male and followed the doctor to the room.

Once there diluc placed the male down and buckled his hands and legs to the bed to make sure he wouldn't be able to go anywhere or hurt anyone when he awakens. " wake up soon so you can say goodbye before it's too late." diluc said while looking at the sleeping male and frowning. " I'll do my best to make sure you can see him before... they get rid of his body " he whispered before pulling the blanket up on the male and sighing. " didn't even change from your pjs. You could've caught a cold " he mumbled while shaking his head and grabbing the males phone.

" I'll just tweet that you'll be taking a break for now " he sent the tweet before taking the males phone and leaving the room. Once he left the room he called up a few people to cancel the plans the idol had made before hand.

venti dreamed of apples and the wind but one thing was for sure. In his dreams that used to be filled with joy and happiness was now laced with gloomy clouds and rain. He was alone in the dream and he was now alone in the world too.


hehe~ I hoped y'all enjoyed this chapter. I really tried not to cry while writing it. #ilyventiiii
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