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imma try and add other relationships in for now since the main couple aren't together yet. I hope that's alright!

tw! a little makeout yk ;)

rated R
if you don't wanna read you can skip to where I put the line.


zhongli pov

As I got off the phone with xiao I was attacked my childe who was now sucking on my neck lightly. " childe~ .. mm We have to get ready for the dinner date with xiao and Aether " I mumbled while trying to pull my neck away from the males warm tongue.

" but zhongliiii~ I still wanna finish what we were doing " the orange haired male whined wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back into the bed before I could even get up.

" Tar- " I stopped talking once I felt a pair of soft lips on mine and in an Instant I kissed back. As our tongues fought for dominance childe had already made his way on top of me and hand both his arms placed down beside my head.  " hm~ is this your attempt to keep me from leaving?" I breathed out while trying to catch my breath from the kiss we just shared.

" that depends on if it's working or not" the younger male mumbled while looking down at me. " well if I said no would that make you stop?" I asked already know the answer that the male was gonna say when I saw his lips move into a smirk like they always did when the male was gonna say something cheeky.

" you already know the answer to that babe " when he said that he leaned down and ran his tongue on my neck and traveled down my already naked chest that had been covered in red purplish marks from the younger male. " c-Childe, we already did it twice don't you think it's time to st~uU" before I could even finish he had already had his hands on an area that shouldn't be messed with if we were gonna leave soon.

" no it's not, now let me do what I want for a little, okay ?" He asked while looking up at me with those daring eyes telling me to say no just so he could prove that he was the more dominant one in this relationship.

As I leaned up to place a kiss on the males lips my phone rang and childe hissed as I slammed my head into his on accident. " sorry " I mumbled to him before grabbing my phone and moving from under childe and getting up. " it's venti, I'm gonna take this. You go get ready for tonight " I said while walking out of our bedroom and into the living room.
the end of the "makeout"

" hello?" I said while hearing a dry voice on the other end.

"Hey zhongli , I just wanted to call to see if we could hang out sometime because I feel ... I just wanna hang out"

As I listened to the other male I nodded already feeling bad about what happened to his best friend. " of course venti, just set a date and if you want we could have another date with hu tao again like we did last week " 

" I'd really like that, I'll text a date in the group chat later. Well thanks again zhongli. Cya "

"Of course venti and if you need anything just let me know and I'll be there whenever" I said before saying my last goodbyes and hanging up.

As I leaned back on our bedroom door childe opened it and caught me before I could fall. " you okay babe ?" He asked while picking me up and placing a kiss on my cheek. " yeah just thinking, you ready?" I asked while looking down at the male.

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