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heyyy! it's been a long while but I'll try my best to update more because we've recently gotten a lot of new people reading so it's really inspired me to continue this book!
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" mommy look!" The little boy cried as he walked over to the male in the snow. " excuse me sir, are you okay?" The kid asked while poking xiao with his foot.

The lady looked at her son and saw the stranger in the snow before shrieking and grabbing her sons arm. " don't touch strange people on the streets." She yelled in worry as she looked all over her son before dragging him away.

Xiao stayed still as he watched the snow fall from the sky. He felt so empty and alone. He missed the one person he couldn't have.

" sir are you alright?" An elder lady asked while trying to bend down to the male. Xiao got to his feet and nodded to the lady. " yes ma'am I'm fine." The lady smiled to him and patted his back to get the snow off.

" you'll catch a cold if you stay out here on the floor." She mumbled while removing some of the snow out of the path so she could put her cane down.

" thanks ma'am but I'll be fine, what about you? Why are you out this... what time is it?" He asked while looking around.

" it's 7pm sir." She said while smiling at the young male. " I'll also be fine, I'm heading to the store to get some hot coco." xiao nodded and asked the lady if she'd like some help getting to the store but the elder shook her head no.

" my husband is already there waiting for me, I'll be perfectly fine sweetheart. You should head on home before it gets too late." She said while slowly starting her walk again to her husband store. The couple would walk home together soon after closing the store for the night.

Xiao sighed and nodded before turning and waving goodbye. " alright have a good night ma'am." He said before walking back to the cafe and looking around to see that no one was in sight.

" I guess I should go home and get ready for venti's party.... but does he even still want me to go?" Xiao's thoughts were loud as he walked home. His head was pounding as his mind came up with several scenarios of how the night would play out, some being bad and others being really good.

Once he made it to his house he opened the door and let out a long needed huff as the warm air hit his skin. He locked the door behind him and laid out on his living room couch.

" maybe a little nap will help me calm down." He said before grabbing his phone and setting an alarm for 7:30pm before he placed it down and shut his eyes. The darkness slowly taking him away from all his worries and problems.


Pov. Aether

The blonde male was staring at his room ceiling. He had to go back in a few days and he didn't know how he'd confront his boyfriend.

For the past few weeks he had been avoiding xiao at all cost. If the news talked of him he'd turn it off if his fans asked questions he'd just smile and walk away. He didn't wanna think about the male .

He of course still had feelings for him but not the feelings a boyfriend should have for his lover. He only saw Xiao as a current problem and something he needed to solve. Which brought him here.

Staring up at his white walls as he laid in bed thinking of his boyfriend and if he should end it.

" do I still love him?" He asked himself but couldn't seem to find the answer to his question cause a part of him did still love xiao but it wasn't in the way he used to feel for the male. It had become dull and empty and felt like he wasn't really close to the male anymore.

Then there was kazuha, Aether and him had been hang out since the modeling session they had. They went shopping and even got coffee along with a few dinners and to say Aether didn't love all the time he'd spent with the other was an understatement. The blonde would think about the other male all the time and even had dreams about him.

He felt like kazuha had kicked out the feelings he had for his boyfriend and had completely taken over his heart and mind. " I love k.... " he stopped himself as his sister walked into his room.

" which shirt should I wear?" She asked while looking at the blonde with a smile.

" red one"


Pov venti's

As venti walked to his car he had wiped his tears and sat in his front seat thinking about what had just happened with him and Xiao.

" I like him so much but he's just a friend and he already has someone that he loves." Venti mumbled to himself as tears started to roll down his cheeks and onto his jeans.

He sat there and cried for awhile completely forgetting about his own party and the girls. After awhile he started his car and drove home forgetting the time and that others would be at his house.

When the male made it to his door he heard music playing and a few voices in the house and that's when he remembered that he was the host for a party yet he the host had been late.

As he picked up his phone and looked at the time. " 8:35pm" he mumbled and sighed before wiping his eyes and putting on a smile as he unlocked his door.

" hey guys! Sorry I'm late!" Venti said as he entered the door and looked around. His house smelled like vanilla with a hint of lily. The Christmas lights lit up the place well and diluc, beidou, ningguang, xiangling, and HuTao all turned around to look at the door and the said male that had entered.

" Venti! You're back" the two females said while placing there wine cups down and walking over to the short male.

" yeah sorry HuTao and Xiangling didn't mean to leave you guys here alone for so long." He said while smiling softly at the two before looking at the others.

" glad you could make it to your own party Venti." Diluc said while taking a sip of his grape juice.

" yes we are happy to see that you are alright Venti." ningguang said while smiling softly to the male. Beidou laughed lightly and nodded. " we just came early cause we brought the wine, you know everyone knows a party doesn't start until one hour after the said time it was supposed to start." She said while pulling ningguang closer to her as the cold air from the door flew in.

"You are right, allow me to shut the door and change and then we can begin." Venti said while shutting the door and walking to his room where he shut the door and slide down onto the floor of the dark room as silent tears left his eyes.

" I like him."


Alright I'll be having the next chapter be able the party and maybe I'll end the book there but not sure! Cuz I wanna do so much more so I'll just have to wait and see!

Hope you guys enjoy mwah

Sorry this took so long as well.


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