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tw- language & death



POV- Xiao

As the sun hit my eyes I slowly woke to fell coldness surrounding me.  When my eyes adjusted to the harsh sun-rays beaming in from the windows I noticed the male that was once by me last night had vanished again.

I got out of the cozy white bed and gently made it up before slowly walking to the bathroom to get ready for my stream at 4pm.  After showering and getting dressed I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a water.

As I made my way back to the room I grabbed my phone and walked over to my gaming room which was across from the bedroom. Once in I shut the door and grabbed my led light remote and turned all of them on before cleaning up the cups and plates I had laying around from my last stream.

As I waited for the time to fly I decided to message a certain blondie that left me this morning.



Hey babe , where did you go this morning?


I had a recording to do with lumine and you wouldn't wake up so I just left. How did you sleep?

It was great but I'm still tired tbh .

Aw my poor lil bby

please I'm not little, you of all people should know that.😑

😨😳 xiao my sister is right by me
chill out.

tell lumine I said hey

will do, don't you have a stream at 4 today?

Yeah I do why?

Cuz it's 4:10 🥲

shit, gtg cya later babe 😏

lol love you 💕~

I put down my phone and started the stream. While I waited for people to join I opened my phone and went to Twitter to tweet about doing a stream toady. Before I put my phone down to start the stream I saw a particular tweet that caught my eye.

I'll be taking a break from singing.


" What, why? " I said but stopped and placed down my phone to look at all the people coming into the stream. " hey bugs! it's been awhile but I've finally decided to come back after a week break." I said while running my hand through my hair and reading some of the comments. " I'll be playing mc today because I'm still kinda tired and don't really feel like playing anything else at the moment."

I started up the game and after three hours of fighting zombies and dying I decided it was time to end the stream. " Alright, that'll be it for today but I'll be back soon " I winked while saying that before leaning back in my chair and waving goodbye. " cya buggies "  As I said my last goodbye I ended the stream and went back onto Twitter to see why my favorite idol was taking a break from singing.

As I scrolled through the comments one caught my eye.
It had said " he's probably taking a break because of the thing that happened to his best friend." When I read it I was generally confused because I hadn't heard about anything happening to barbatos's best friend but I also don't really check social media that much to notice anything.

Another comment underneath the first one said. " oh yeah, the one that just got hit by a car trying to save that little girl ?"  As my eyes moved over all the comments my heart started to feel sad for the male that had just lost his best friend. " damn, that poor guy"

" xiao? what poor guy?" Aether had walked into the gaming room and looked at me with a confused look. " hey aether, when did you get home ?" I asked wanting to know if he had been here for awhile.

" just now, I brought dinner as well but what were you looking at?" The blonde male had asked while moving closer to me. " you know barbatos?" The male in front of me nodded while looking down at my phone. " yeah, what happened?" he asked while trying to read the comments.

" his best friend died today and now he's taking a break from singing "  I had said while showing the male the post that my favorite idol had posted a few hours ago. " I hope he's doing alright " aether had said while sighing and holding my arm gently. " let's go eat now, dinner is gonna be cold if we don't go now"

" alright love" I said while placing a soft kiss on the younger males forehead before walking out of the gaming room and heading to the kitchen with aether to go eat.


alright! ik kinda short but I'll work on making the other chapters longer next time!
Oh and I'm working on how I want to betray xiao, so if his personality changes in the next few chapters then please bare with me. I'll try not to make it so different than how it is now but I want him to be a little more cold yk.
I hope y'all enjoyed
cya later ;)


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