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merry Christmas mwah! 💓

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Venti's pov

The male woke up with a smile on his face. It had been a while since he had a smile on his face.

" Ah good morning paimon!" The young male said while hopping out of his bed.

" good morning venti, would you like me to play some calming music?" The robot asked while waiting for its owner to answer. " yes please and start a hot shower ." Venti said while walking to his room door and heading to the kitchen to get some water.

" alright sir!" paimon said while starting to play classical music all around the apartment and started a hot shower for the male.

As the cold water ran down venti's throat he headed back to his room and walked to the shower.

The hot water hit venti's cold skin and a satisfied sigh left the males mouth. " this is the dream." He mumbled while washing his hair. He was so excited to finally go out and probably become great friends with xiao now that everything was cleaned up.

Once the male was done showering he picked out a warm outfit because it had started to snow last night and he didn't want to be too cold.

So he wore black jeans with a white loose button up tucked into the jeans and a nice big black jacket along with black combat boots.

" paimon how do I look?" He asked the friendly robot for advice as he stared at himself in the mirror.

" you look amazing!" Paimon said while looking at the male through one of the cameras lens.

" thanks! I'll be heading out soon so can you set an alarm for 5:30?" He asked while fixing up his hair.

" of course, stay safe venti." Paimon said while setting up the alarm.

" I should go out and eat, oh maybe I'll invite HuTao and Xiangling." He said while walking to his couch and sitting down with his phone in hand.

the time read 10 am on the dot and venti smiled. " that's a first."
As he unlocked his phone he looked for the group chat he was in with the two girls.

Baddest b in town

"hey girls do y'all wanna go get some breakfast and maybe go shopping?"


" the all famous Barbatos is asking us to go out with him??"

" Fr and this early in the morning??! "

" yes I am, now do y'all wanna go or not?"

" of course we do ven, we are getting ready rn. Where do you wanna meet up at?"

" y'all's place so I can explain what I wanna do!"

" sounds good see you soon."


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