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I bet on losing dogs by Mitski

Third person-

Venti had been in the hospital for three days now and during those days he was in and out of sleep and he'd even forgot that his friend had died. The nurses and doctors felt horrible when they'd have to tell the young male that his best friend had died over and over again and watch the once cheerful male who asked for his friend break down again and again.

Diluc kept a strict schedule with dealing with the hospitalized males career and the fans that were going crazy once they heard the news about venti's friends death. He also got himself stuck with making a lot of wine for his wine making business that he had on the side as a hobby. The male would visit venti everyday and when he'd come the short dark haired male with two glowing braids would always be asleep. " venti, I think it's time for you to start healing and in order for you to do that I think you should go back home." He said while fixing the sleeping males hair. " I'll ask the doctors to release you when you wake up and I'll take you home then." Diluc said before walking out of the hospital room and walking to the front desk. Making note of all the security in front of the hospital trying to push off the fans that decided to come to the hospital to see the still sleeping idol. " hello can I request that venti be sent home today, his status hasn't changed at all while here so maybe if he goes home he'll feel better." Diluc said to the blushing girl at the reception desk.

Donna looked at the red haired dreamy male in front of her and blushed madly because she had been crushing on this male ever since he came in asking for a room that a patient had just been admitted to. " oh, diluc~ I think that's a wonderful idea just like how you and me would be a wonderful coupl~" she blinked and covered her mouth fast. " sorry I meant, he can go home he'll just have to come back for a few check ups monthly to make sure he's coping well with this sudden death." She said while clearing her throat and scratching her palm lightly.

" thank you, may I have the paperwork so I can fill it out now ?" Diluc asked a little weirded out by what the female had said beforehand. Diluc took the papers from the female before heading back to venti's room and filling them out.

After an hour Diluc had finally finished and with that venti had started to stir awake from his long slUmber.
venti's pov

As I slowly opened my eyes for the thousandths time. I felt the past few days memories flow back into me and I felt the pain in my chest and the tears getting ready to fall at any moment but what stopped me was a dark haired male sitting by my bedside filling out papers. " wha- mm what's that for ?" I asked while clearing my scratch throat but it didn't work at all.

" it's papers for you to be able to go home " diluc said while placing the papers down and grabbing the small green cup and filling it up with water and handing it to me slowly. I of course tried to lift my hand up but couldn't seem to do it and that's when I realized that I was still locked down to the bed. " oh sorry here" diluc said while putting the cup to my lips allowing me to gulp it all down. " thanks,.. how long have I been here ?" I asked while trying to lift myself up but it just wouldn't work with the restraints.

" for three days now, I'll be right back. Imma go turn these in and get the doctor. Don't go anywhere " he said while walking but a soft chuckle came from his mouth as he exited. " it's not like you could anyways." With that the older male was gone and I was left alone to collect my thoughts. " he's really g-gone " I mumbled while tears fell from my eyes and slowly rolled down my now tear stained cheeks. " my baby, my baby... " I started to sing softly while crying. " you're my baby, say it to me" I sang while thinking about all the moments I had with the male that'd no longer be able to see the sun or moon rise.

" I bet on losing dogs~" I mumbled while biting my lip to hold in the screams and whispers and cries that wanted to come out so bad. I held the sheets to the hospital bed tightly as my eyes started to blur and my chest felt heavy. " please.. come back, just come back to me please" was all I could say as blood dripped into my mouth from where I had bit down and my fingers turned white from holding the sheets tightly.

My head ached from the tears still falling from my now irritated and red eyes. I closed my eyes while sighing softly. " I can do this ... I-i can do this " I said trying to convince myself that it wasn't over and that life still had some type of light even if my only light had left without me.

A world with no light is a dull existence.


I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I've been trying to avoid the use of a name for venti's friend because he doesn't have one that I know of and since they don't give it in the game or manga I decided to just not give him one. So I hope that's alright, he'll be referred to as venti's best friend. Oh and pic from Pinterest and song lyrics from mitski. I'll be having a few songs from her in this book so I'll make sure to put the names and titles on the top ^ !

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