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alright! it's been a long time but here's an update for you cuties! I am planning on working on another book maybe but I'm trying to inspire myself to finish this one first before starting another xiaoven book tbh. so expect updates out of nowhere!!

-kuma enjoy :)


Venti's pov

As tears ran down the small males cold reddish face all he could think about was xiao, the beautiful smile he had and the way his eyes looked when they talked or the way his hands felt around his waist when they kissed.

venti's thumb went up to his lips as he remembered what had happened. Soft yet hard lips pressing against his, sharing saliva and warmth through one action and that one action had captured venti's heart.

He was lost and confused on what to do because his mind was telling him it'd never work and his heart wanted to get closer to the male, wanting to touch him and kiss his soft lips and be held by him with the same warmth as he felt today at the coffee shop.

He didn't know what he'd do but he knew he had to do one thing and that was to make it through this party.

So the male got up and went to clean himself up. Changing into something cute but comfortable and fixing his hair that had gotten a little damp from the snow melting.

As he finished up he heard the door bell and what he was hoping would wait until after he had gotten a few drinks in him.

" xiao I'm glad you can make it!"

" is Aether coming too? Oh and lumine??"

" no he won't be coming he's in america still." Xiao said as he looked around for the only male that could make his mind forget how to work. 

He didn't see the male anywhere and the others noticed that he had been looking for someone and they all secretly knew who it was.

" venti's in his room getting ready but he said we can just chill and watch tv while we wait for him!" HuTao said breaking the silence that had fell over the crowd.

Xiao looked at HuTao and nodded while slowly walking over to the big window in the back of the living room. He didn't really feel like socializing and he never really was one for it so the window seemed like the perfect excuse to escape from reality and to calm his nerves.

Venti looked at himself one more time before sighing and walking out of his bathroom and looking at his warm cozy bed. He could only wish to lay down in it and never come out again, but he had a party to host and he knew he'd have to eventually go out there and see the male he had been avoiding.

The snow stuck to the floor so pretty covering all the imperfections and hiding all the mistakes or accidents. Xiao watched as the snow continued to fall down. He wished life would be as simple as the snow hitting the ground.

A loud door shut caught the attention of all the members in the living, they had all slowly looked over to the male that had just walked into the big open living room.

" Venti!! you look so cute in that top." HuTao said breaking the silence again as she walked over to the male meeting him half way.

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