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with this chapter I'll wrap up venti's besties death and begin the good stuff ;)


third person pov

diluc came back to venti's room to find that the male had fallen asleep again. He gently got the male ready to leave and messaged the security guards outside that they'd be leaving through the back. Once venti was in the wheelchair diluc wheeled him out of the back door in the hospital and covered the male with a blanket to make sure no one saw who was in the chair.

Once outside there was people there but diluc kept his head low and walked up to the car that was waiting for them.

-time skip~

At venti's penthouse diluc had got him in his bed safely and wrote a small note on a sticky note that was besides the males bed before leaving completely.
Venti's pov.

I awoke to see a dark ceiling that looked very familiar and to see dark bedding on me. " home at last " I said while sighing and rubbing my eyes as my body sat up. I took a deep breath before looking around my room. I was a type of person that would seem to have bright stuff in their house but in reality I really liked dark neutral colors more. They made me feel safe and warm inside.

As I stared at my black bed and dark walls I thought about my past few days and ran my hand through my hair before looking at my desk to see my sticky notes. " a note " i mumbled while picking up the one that had been written on. As I read it I sung my feet to the side of the bed and sat up completely.

" dear ven, when you are readying this I've probably already left for work and stuff. I know you may need a lot of time to yourself but I want you to know that I'm here whenever you need me. I'll always be here for you. - your manager and friend diluc ...... p.s. um the hospital couldn't contact your best friends family so they left the burial in your hands. Call this number when you are ready to talk about it. XXX XXX XXXX ~"

I reread the last part a few times before dropping the note and shaking my head. " he really left me huh " I whispered while getting up and walking to my bathroom. I jumped in the dark colored shower and let the hot water run over my body as my eyes let the last remaining tears fall. " Please .. watch over me " I said while finishing up and throwing on some shorts and a big hoodie.

I walked out to the Living room and just watched as the skies cried for me. " I need-a call the hospital...." I looked around for my phone and saw it on the kitchen counter. As I picked it up I saw a few miss calls and messages and a lot of notifications from my social media's but what caught my eyes the most was the voice mail from my best friend.

I stared at it before pushing play and putting it to my ear. " v-venti I'm dying but I couldn't help b-but to feel sad because... I-I won't be able to pl-play musi-cc with you anymore b-but promise me that you'll l-live on in my memory a-and play for m-me~ I'll always be with you no matter where I am venti. I love y-.....if you'd like to rehear this voice message please press one" even though I thought I couldn't cry anymore tears seemed to find it's away back in my eyes and on my cheeks. " I love you too" I mumbled while smiling softly and cleaning the tears off my face. " I'll do this for you " I said while walking to my music room and starting to write a song.


Alright time for xiaooo

Xiao's pov

" Xiao baby did you hear the news ?" Aether asked me while walking over from the kitchen and sitting down on my lap.

" no what is it?" I asked while holding the male firm on my lap to make sure he didn't fall off as I paused the game I was playing on the flat screen tv that rested on our living room wall.

" your favorite idol barbatos was released from the hospital today!" He said excitedly while rocking on my lap and running his hands through my hair.

I watched the male and sighed softly. " what a relief, I hope he's doing alright" I mumbled the last part while I tried to collect the excited feeling that I had because my favorite idol was free from the hospital.

" yeah I do as well, anyways I just thought you'd like to know since he's your favorite idol~" Aether had said while sticking his tongue out at me. I gently flicked his forehead and shook my head. " you'll always be my favorite person no matter what so don't give me that " I said while growling softly and placing a soft kiss on the males lips before pulling away and looking at him.

" we have a dinner date with zhongli and childe tonight, you up to go still ?" I asked while drawing shapes on the males back gently. " yeah I'll go get ready now " he mumbled while getting off of me and walking away to our room to get dressed.

I turned the game off and picked up my phone to call zhongli.

" hey zhongli we still on for tonight?" I asked while waiting for the response from the older male.

" childe sto— . xiao ? Oh yeah we are, we'll see you around 7. " he said before hanging up on me.

" must've been busy" I said while wrinkling my nose up in disgust before shaking the images that I had imagined out of my head before heading to my room to find Aether doing his hair in the bathroom.

" imma shower and get dressed then i should be done" I said while walking up behind him and back hugging him softly before placing a small kiss on his head and heading towards the shower.


alright! I think imma do the chapters like this for now on so you can get a little bit of venti and xiao during the chapters until they meet. Also I'd love to have feedback so if you have any please comment. It really helps me write better and learn more about what y'all would like to see more of and stuff like that.
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