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Qiqi's pov
third person.

" klee? Hey klee?" Qiqi said as she watched her best friend put some logs on the ground and started to add some powder stuff to it.

" yeah qiqi ? What is it?" The little girl with soft blue eyes asked while smiling and starting the fire she made.

" oh never mind it's just a fire. anyways do you think the boys will find us?" Qiqi asked as she looked at the warm red and orange color of the flame and sat down right by it on a log.

" of course they will Qiqi, plus if they don't we can just stay out here!" Klee said with a little hint of joy as she always was one to enjoy camping and staying out doors for as long as she could.

" you're right! Let's make a little house before it gets too dark and we can't see anymore." Qiqi said while grabbing leaves that had fallen from the now branchy trees. As the girls collected leaves and sticks to make a small little tent like hiding place they both looked at the area with a satisfied smile.

" qiqi I love the place and all but I'm kinda hungry." Klee said to the other while rubbing her upset stomach. " oh well we can try and go fishing? " the other young girl said while walking over to the river and looking down in it.

" YES! fishing is a great idea qiqi!" Klee said while jumping up and down before running behind the other to the river where she could barely see what was inside of the water because of how dark it became.

Qiqi continued to try and look for fish but little did the two girls know that a cold front was about to come in strong.


" r-razor it's freezing." Bennett mumbled to the other while shivering as they went deeper into the woods.

" I know Bennett but we have to f-find the girls fast before the storm hits." Razor whispered as he saw a fire in the distance and what looked to be a camp of hilichurls.

" Bennett I think this is a hilichurl camp." Razor said while pulling the other to him to try and keep both of them warm.

" yeah, I hope the girls didn't go In there." Bennett said while looking down to try and see where the footprints lead to and to his surprise it went the other way.

" if these footprints are our girls then they went the opposite way." Bennett said to razor as they turned and followed the footprints the other way.

Chongyun was in the car and driving home as Xingqiu pulled out a book and was reading to the other as they drove back. " Xingqiu we might have a problem." Chongyun said as he looked at the message he got from razor and then back to the road.

" what is it?" Xingqiu asked while pulling the book down and looking at his lover. " it's from razor." Chongyun said while handing the phone to Xingqiu since he was driving and knew Xingqiu would hit him for texting and driving again.

" oh my...we need to hurry back home chongyun the boys lost the girls." Xingqiu said while hitting chongyun's arm lightly while placing the book that had fallen off his lap into the glove department.

Chongyun stepped on the gas as he was almost home and just in the neighborhood. As he turned a sharp corner the cars behind lifted a little off the ground as the wheels made a squeaking noise as they were dragged across the street and left behind on the road were black marks from the tires and in the distance a car speeding off.

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