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hehe I've decided to add the four boys in this one since I didn't put them in the last chapter to pick.

in the story I used hilichurls but since this is a AU in the modern world we'll just say hilichurls is what they call bad people that live in woods to hide from the authority. hehe
tw: language
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Pov- Klee
third person

" qiqi can we please go adventuring?" Klee asked her best friend that was now doing her daily stretches. She says that 'if she does them she'll grow and become strong. ' klee didn't really get it but She liked to watch the girl do them but only because klee knew after stretching qiqi would be very calm and opened minded to the things klee would want to do.

" klee~ I think that'd be a fun idea." Qiqi said while dusting herself off and smiling up at her blonde haired friend. Qiqi loved spending time with the girl and enjoyed playing and wondering around aimlessly with the small yet dangerous little bomber.

" qiqi! I just had an amazing idea! We could go look for the chest I buried a few weeks ago! It has a lot of stuff in it to make things go boom boom!" Klee said excitedly while stomping her little shoes against the dirt happily.

" qiqi doesn't think that's a goo-" before qiqi could finish klee had already grabbed the girls hand and started to run off into the forest near there home.

As klee dragged qiqi into the forest and wondered around qiqi was dead set on watching the time because she knew that on these so called adventures klee would lose track of time fast.

" qiqi look! A camp of hilichurls." Klee smiled while turning to look at the girl behind her.

" yeah, we should stray away from the camp klee. Didn't sir Albedo say those people would hurt kids like us" qiqi said a little worried that there'd be too many hilichurls for the two little girls to handle.

" but but-" Klee was sad she couldn't test her new experiments on the people there. " Klee you know your brother would kill us if he found out we went this far from the house and messed with hilichurls." qiqi said while dragging the pouting girl away from the camp and deeper into the forest but by the time qiqi recognized she was going deeper it was too late.

" k-klee I think I went the wrong way." Qiqi said to the girl that was still dragging her feet as she walked and looking down with a frown.

" oh did we ?" Klee asked while looking around and smiling brightly." That's alright!! We can explore more now." She yelled in excitement, long forgetting about the camp.

" mh... klee I don't-" qiqi stopped herself from disagreeing when she saw her best friend looking around all happy and sighed before looking up to see where the sun was. " we should have some time before it gets dark... Alright klee let's explore!" Qiqi said with as smile as she was greeted with a big bear hug from klee.

" I've always wanted to explore these woods!" Klee said while running around the trees and looking at the grass and flowers that grew.

Qiqi followed the girl with amazement at all the pretty flowers and nature. " it's so pretty, I think this flower would make some good tea." Qiqi said while picking up a few purple flowers and holding onto them tightly.

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