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glass painting has been my new addiction . I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! I love you all, tell me about your week in the comments if you'd like ;). May scaramouches hand bless you!!

tw! Language


Aether POV-
third person

The blonde male looked at the taller male and waited quietly for the other to reply with his name but to the blonde's dismay the light haired male just stared at him with his mouth slightly open and his cheeks a rosy color complimenting his pale complexion along with the red streak in his hair.

" you alright?" Said the short blonde that was now also blushing from the others stare.

" yeah, sorry I was lost in a daze for a second." Kazuha shook his head lightly before continuing. "where were we?"

Aether smiled and made eye contact with the other. He felt slightly awkward but hoped it'd go away with time during this shoot. " we were on names."

" oh yeah, my name is Kazuha." Mumbled the Ashy blonde male as he looked down to the yellowish blonde male with a soft chuckle as he brought his hand up to rub his neck from the awkwardness he felt.

" so what got you into modeling ?" The yellow blonde asked a little curious about the dreamy male in front of him. He had seen models before but for some reason this one just seemed to interest him more than the others.

He didn't know if it was because of how attractive the male was or if the close proximity and hot atmosphere was making him go a little crazy but he knew that this ' Kazuha ' was gonna be stuck in his mind for the next week for sure.

" my friend, he enjoyed going places and taking beautiful photos with different styles and I was just into writing at the time but one day he asked me to join the modeling life with him so that we could travel together. I declined his offer and a few days later I got a call saying he was badly hurt. That's what started my modeling adventure." Ashy blonde hair fell a little over his face as he looked down at his own feet and thought about his past and his friend.

"Oh, well is your friend doing well now ?" Aether asked with a small smile as he noticed the other males sudden mood change from calm and smiley to distant and frowny.

" no, well he's in the hospital for now." Kazuha mumbled before looking over to the director and then back to Aether and sighing before a small smile came to his face.

" enough about sad stuff. Let's talk about the shoot. " chuckled the now gleaming shy male.

" of course, thanks for telling me." Aether turned and saw the director walking their way again. "Ah, you both seem to be hitting it off nicely." The cheerful male said while looking at the two with a smirk and a wink.

" Why don't we start taking pictures?" He asked and both the blondes nodded while following the male to the now brightly lit white backdrop.

" it's so bright... "

" and hot." Aether added to the somewhat taller male with a giggle following after.

" Alright Kazuha mind standing here and holding this in between your lips?" Kazuha walked over slowly and took the rose into his mouth and sighed.

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