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straight into the chapter!

also time skip at the end of this chapter. Fr this time ;)
Tw- language


third person pov

As the four boys ate at the ramen bar they chatted and thought about what they were gonna do for the collab tonight for both of their g-tube accounts.

"I'm thinking a vlog of us having a sleepover or a baking contest?" Bennett said while taking a bite of his room and then turn to see razor's messy chin that was wet and saucy from the soup.

Chongyun thought about what the male had said and smiled. " let's try both of them out, it'll add more content and we get to do more things, you know." He said while turning to look at his lover and seeing the dark haired male nod.

" I agree with yunnie." Xingqiu mumbled as he gently picked up his hot tea and took a sip as his eyes moved back to the open book on the table beside him.

" razor what do you think?" Bennett asked while wiping the males chin off and ridding it of soup.  " I. hmm I think as long as we are together anything is fine." he said while staring at the threes boys before going back to his ramen.

After the males finished up and paid they all headed over to their own houses to get stuff ready for tonight. They'd be meeting up at Bennett's house and spending the night. That way they can all walk to school tomorrow together.


As the blonde finished cleaning up the kitchen and living-room he heard the loud sound of the door bell that'd have anyone wondering who it was to ring the loud bell.

"Coming!" Bennett ran to the door and sighed once there before fixing his hair and clothes that had seemed to get a little messy and wrinkled while he was cleaning. Once ready he opened the door and smiled at the three males.

" let's set everything up for the cooking contest and movie so that we don't have to during the video!" Bennett said while moving over and letting all the boys into his somewhat big house.

" parents gone again?" Razor asked while walking into the house and stopping so when Bennett was done locking up he could wrap his arms around his boyfriend and give him a tight hug.

"yeah but it's fine because we won't be here too long either will we razor?" The smile that appeared on the long silver haired male made the blonde smile back. " yeah, can't wait!" The silver hair male mumbled while looking at chongyun and xingqiu who were placing snacks on the living room table.

" we finished the snack set up and the only thing missing is the drinks, we didn't bring any because we assumed you'd have some Bennett." Xingqiu said while holding chongyun's hand and walking to the kitchen.

" yeah I do, we can pick it out before heading to the living room, for now we need to set up the lights and cameras. Then figure out what we are gonna be making for this competition." Bennett said while pulling away from razor but holding his hand and walking to the kitchen as well behind the two blue head males.

" we should make puppy paw hash browns!" Razor said while smiling and licking his lips at the thought of his favorite food.

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