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Third person but Xiao's pov

It's been a month since xiao last seen Aether. The short blonde fails to call and when Xiao calls him he doesn't answer. So he decided to watch barbatos g-tube video that he posted this morning and then maybe go to sleep. Xiao hadn't been active as much because he stay thinking about Aether and how his last conversation wasn't so good with the blonde. " damnit, why won't he call or message. Even lumine won't answer."

He yelled before getting up from his desk and heading to his room where he laid down on the now cold bed. The warmth from the other male had vanished and left a cold lonely feeling behind.

"ring ring ring ring ring" Xiao grabbed his phone hoping to see the contact information of his lover but was left disappointed when he saw the contact information of his friend zhongli.

" hello?" Xiao asked while sighing lightly and laying back down on his still cold bed.

"Hey xiao, you doing anything tonight?" Zhongli asked while looking at his out he had picked out.

" yeah probably gonna sleep, why?" Xiao asked while closing his eyes and thinking about what the male could want with him tonight.

" well we're going out for drinks! I have a few friends that will be joining us and I knew you'd be ... home alone since Aether left, so come drinking with us tonight. I'll pick you up at 9. cya xiao." Zhongli said before hanging up so the male couldn't refuse and say that he had plans. Xiao was known for staying indoors when alone and Zhongli didn't want that for the lad.

" wait I - .. " before he could refuse the males offer the line had ended and xiao was now left standing in front of his closet for something to wear tonight.


Third person but venti's pov

As the male with two braids in his hair that were loosely coming undone started to sway to the loud music playing. Kaeya and Beidou already knew that their short short friend was already tipsy but they couldn't really judge because they were also a little tipsy as well.

" ven watch y-yourself " Kaeya laughed as the small male leaned over his seat and was letting his head hand down while one of his small hands held the top of the bar counter loosely.

The three were at Beidou's bar for a drinking night. Mostly for venti because kaeya and Beidou were scared the male would reject their offer since he had still been mourning over his lost one. When they called to ask the male they were assuming that he'd say no because he hadn't really been doing anything with his music career and his g-tube didn't have recent videos but today the young male did seem to post something on his g-tube so the two took it as an Amazing sign.

" yeah ven please, I don't need an ambulance called down here again from that one time you j-" Before the female could finish venti popped his head up and placed a long bony finger to his own lips.

" sssss ... hhush Beidou, you said you wouldn't bring that up anymore." The male pouted while tilting his head and his bony finger sliding down Beidou's face lightly before the pulled his fingers away.

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