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alright almost Christmas time I gotta hurry and upload these chapters so I can have my Chris special 😩
Art not mine

Klee's pov
third person

As the small girl felt her friend let go she knew she wouldn't be able to stand a lone without the support of her best friend during these high wind surges.

When her back came in contact with the ice cold water, she couldn't hold in the oncoming yelp as she felt herself merge into the water become one.

Darkness was all she could see and coldness was all she felt until her body started to feel numb from the shock of falling into such a cold environment. But before she could go further into the dark cold abyss she felt a small hand grab hers and her head was dragged up to the surface again.

Cold air hitting her freshly wet skin. dark eyelashes blinking rapidly and mouth wide open gasping for air. The blonde looked around as she tried to catch her breath but all she saw was qiqi mouthing words that didn't reach her ears.

" EE!? LEE??! KLEE!!?? can you hear me?" As the words came flooding in one at a time qiqi hugged the girl tightly while crying.

" I'm- " before the girl could speak she threw up water that had gone down her throat when she was in the river. " fine-" she pushed out while sighing and resting her head on qiqi's shoulder. Letting the small girls embrace warm her now shivering skin.

" Klee!! Qiqi! Girls come here get away from the river." Yelled Xingqiu as he ran over to the drenched girls. One being completely drenched while the other just a little.

" are you alright klee?" Asked chongyun as he noticed the girl was slightly red and shivering badly. So he took off his jacket and wrapped it around the two tightly before picking them both up.

" let's go home." He mumbled to Xingqiu who nodded and pulled out his phone but stopped once he saw a certain male in the distance.

" razor! Over here!!" Yelled Xingqiu while waving his arm lightly in the air and the two boys cam running over with relived faces once they saw the girls.

" thank goodness y'all found them, are they okay?" Bennett looked at them while walking back towards the house.

" yeah but we need to get them inside now and warmed up, klee fell into the river and got all wet."
Xingqiu said with a worried face.

" how did that happen??" Asked razor as he moved some tree sticks out of the way so they could walk.

" the wind blew them down and Klee couldn't stand up on her own so she fell backwards into the river while qiqi fell on the ground in the other direction." Chongyun whispered while looking down at the girls in his arms.

" let's hurry." said Bennett as he picked up the pace and the other followed behind him. Once they reached the back door they opened it up and quickly got the girls inside the house.

" Bennett get the heater on, razor start a fire in the fireplace and chongyun take the girls upstairs so they can take warm baths while I'll pick out their clothes." Xingqiu said while running to the bags Albedo packed for the girls.

" alright!"

" kay"

" got it"

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