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Y/N's POV:

"Naughty girl, naughty girl."

I let out a loud gasp when two red eyes peeked up behind the security desk. Staring directly at me.

"It's past your bedtime. You must be punished."

Oh no. Sun's form changed into the moon.
I freaked out how scary he was.

He jumped on the table. "C'mere little one, let me fix that attitude of yours."
He said in a husky tone.

I got wide eyes when he wanted to jump towards me but i quickly ran away. I wanted to open the door but it was locked.

"Shit! Come on, come on!" I breathed out.

"Knock knock." A deep voice said close to my ears and grabbed me by the shoulders.

I was pushed down on the floor. I opened my eyes and saw Moon looking down at me.

His head spun once as he sat on top of me.
"Get the fuck off me you robo psycho!"
I started pushing him away from me and wanted to kick him.
His grip was too strong to be able to defend myself.

He pinned my both hands above my head to stop me.
"Let me go! Securty help!" I screamed.

"Shut your mouth, don't make me break you."
He aggressively grabbed me by the hair and wrapped one of his hands around my neck.

"What- Okey if you don't put away that nasty hands from me i'll- " then i chocked on the words when his grip tightened around my throat

"What was that? I didn't quite hear you." He let out a evil laugh.

"Be careful with the words you use on me darling, because you'll regretting them when you'll realise what can i do to you." He pulled me closer to him that I was only a few inches away from his face.

"Such beauty needs to learn some manners."
I felt on of his hands under my shirt, his claws digging into my back.
"What are you-" i stopped talikng when
he scratched me that I felt my blood dripping down my back.

"Did I give you permission to speak? I don't think so."
He pressed his robotic body against mine.

"P-please stop I-" he cut me one more time that i cried out in pain.

"Obeying is really not your virtue. Girls like you must be punished very, very bad." He chuckeled.
I closed my eyes in fear waiting what'll happen.

Then the lights came back on. "What!?" Moon questioned and started to let out a same strange noises. He pulled himself away from me.

When he stopped screaming i opened my eyes again and saw Sun laying on the ground.

"Sunny?" I said quietly, stepping back on my feet.
I grabbed my back because it hurt from the cuts.

Then i heard a small breath from him and lifted his head. Then he gasped when he looked at me.

"Rule-breaker. Rule-breaker!" He said and makes his way towards me.

Then he lifted me up again but still gently. "I told you to keep the lights on. Why weren't you listening-" he stopped talking when he saw my scared expression.

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