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Y/N's POV:

I slowly opened my eyes. I had a such a great nap, I think I have gained new energy.

But then i realised that the daycare was in a complete darkness. Only the stars on the ceiling lighted up the place a little.

Then i got wide eyes when two pairs of arms hugged me around the waist.

Then one hand grabbed my cheeks and turned my gaze and then the husky voice spoke.

"You like play games with me huh darling? You know, i have one i'd like to try with you."

He jumped on his feet and picked me up.
He held me under my shoulders and pressed me against the wall.

"It's presumptuous of you to rather go with 'Mr. Fazbear'. I don't think you're even aware of what I can do to you.
I'm seriously losing my temper!"

We had eye contact all the time, I didn't even look away for a moment.
"You're so childish. Well I'm not surprised since you're programmed to take care of children. But if you take care of children like this, it's no wonder why there are fewer and fewer of them."

"Stop changing the subject."
His red eyes lit up.
"I'm putting you in time out!"

"Oh no. Was I really such a naughty girl? Is this your punishment for me, Moony? Boo-hoo." I rolled my eyes.

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?"

"Yeah, so what?" I said in a sassy tone.

Then his grip on me started to losent.
"What- what are you doing. I'll fall-"
As he removed his hands off me, i had a quick reflex and hold on to him by wrapping my legs and arms around him so i won't fall on the floor.

"What the fuck! Did you just want to let me fall?! You know you're too tall to let go off me like that!"
I glared at him.

"Oh? You want me to hold you~? I could at least say." He chuckeled.

"Wha- oh my god that's not- you can't just-" then i stopped talking as Moon's hand makes its way to my back.

However, my face became very hot, which causes me to sweat a bit because of the position we were in. My arms around his neck and my legs wrapped around his metal waist.

I blushed hard at this because this made feel all kinds of things. Never experienced something like that with anyone.
But I am now with a moon looking animatronic!

'Fuck...........am I, am I attracted to this?!
No....... that would be sick!
But, I'm not sure, but this moment with him I kind of wanted to see where this was going........wait a minute. WHAT?!'

"Why's your face like that?" I went out of my thoughts when he asked me that.

"Huh?" I asked confused, at the same time i was screaming inside.

"It's all red and-" he stopped and chuckled. "Oh~."

I got wide eyes as he grabbed me again and carried me to the security table and laid me on it.
He was between my legs, both of his hands on the both side of the table.

"Having a dirty thoughts now huh?"
He gently played with my hair with his
index finger.

"Excuse me? No way!" i denied but with that he pulled me closer to him so his hands were on my hips.

He eavily laughed and his face came closer to my ear. "Mmmm~ Starlight~
so precious, so fragile." He said in a
seductive way.
His hand was wrapping around my throat, making me let out a gasp.

"What else does my touch do to you, i wonder? Does is make you feel things? What does it make your body do?" He pressed his knee against my crotch.

I let out a slight moan that it surprised me. Why did i just do that sound!?

"Ooh i can imagine so many things that could be running through your head right now, when you hear my voice~"

Then his head moved away to look at me. "I'm so interested to find out~."

I started to heavily breathing at how this made me feel things.

"What attracts me on you the most..." he stopped for a second by placing his hand under my chin.

"Are your eyes. How they glow when I look at you. How dangerous they stare at me. I would like to watch them more from a different perspectives."

He came closer to my face, almost touching our faces.

"The sound you did before, oh my~ I'm just thinking of ruining you right on this table."

I got so many feelings inside.
This sentence sounded pretty sexual, although it shouldn't be since he's a robot made for kids. But apparently he's programmed a little differently.

I was..............so turned on. Which is wrong, very, very wrong.
That's just crazy of me to just think such things!

When I thought this was going to continue, he suddenly pulled away.

"But, this is not the place for that, I'd prefere it in private. And your poor back is injured. I'll help you heal it, if you'll let me." He said and put his hands behind his back.

Hold on. What? He is very aware of his action, what he did to me, and now he wants to help me? Or he's just playing with me.
That's strange........

"Now i think you might like to find your mates, right? Let me be a gentleman and put the lights on for you." He started to walk away.

But then he stopped and turned his head a little towards me.
I gulped my saliva, still sitting on the table.

"Oh and allow me first, darling. I'd like your permission."


And here i am done with another chapter!
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