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Y/N's POV:

"You can check the room later." Moon put me down on the floor and pushed against the wall.
"Now, i'll deal with you first."

My heart was pounding like crazy.
But i was excited because i started to breath heavily.

He came closer to my ear and whispered:

"If you'll be good for me now i'll pleasure you but if you're going to talk back i swear i'll punish you till you learn to obey."
He wrapped his hand around my waist to lift me up on a table.

"Moon...." i breathed out all as I became all flustered.
"Yes, starlight?" He put his hand on my cheek.

"W-will we really do what I think we will do-" i stuttered my sentence as i was a blushing mess.

"Well, you challenged me darling, but
still i'll ask you if you want to feel my touch?"

"I-" my voice shook a little. "How is it possible that you...um act like that?"

He chuckeled at my response. "What do mean?"

"You want to have...... you know, you're being very touchy with me, but I'm too confused about how a robot like you who works in daycare can be programmed that way." I said.

"You're the one who started to tease me.
But now, you're a little unprepared."
He put my hair behind my ear.

"But, you're the one who wants me. You want me in your possession, you want to have me under your control, am i right?"
I rubbed my leg against his.

"If you want me in this state, you have to prepare me like that somehow."
I grebbed his frill around his neck and pulled him closer to my face.

"Woah-" he said unexpected by my action.

"How bad you want me, pretty boy?"

He started shaking a little. "Oh my....star~ so bad~." He said while heavy breathing.

"If that's so, you better be good for me, okay?" I said with a smirk on my face as
my ego grew because of the power I had over him at the moment.

"Anything for you~." He nodded.

"Good boy." I gave him a soft kiss on his forehead.

With that the red hearts appeared in his eyes same as before with Sun.
"I-I'm a good boy?"

It was funny to see him all tender. I haven't seen him like that. He was all confident, but now it was a whole other story.

"Can you do that again?"
He asked.

"Do what?"

"Kiss me, please."
He buried his head in my neck.
I giggled at this and grabbed his face again and gave him antoher smooch on the cheek.
He purred at this and stroked my hand gently.

"Y/N I-" he wanted to say something but all of the sudden he turned his head towards the stage where the entrance was back to the playground in the daycare.

He was staring there then let go off my hand and walked there and looked out.

"Moon? Is everything alright?"
I asked.

He answered nothing just looking at the distance.
"Moon, hey?" I got off the table and walked towards him.

"Vent." He said.


"In the vent, now." He turned his head at me and grabbed my arm and dragged me with him.

"Wha- hey! What the hell is going on?!"

"I'll explain later, now jump." He opened his arms for me so i jumed.
When he caught me he got up upright and climbed towards the vent in the room.

I climbed inside and he was right behind me.
"Don't be afraid, just keep your head up."

I gave him a questioning look but nodded after.

~time skip~

"Moon... where are we going now? It is pretty dark in here."
I told and kept crawling among obsolete vents.

"Dark enough to spend some quality time right here." He chuckeled behind me.

"I don't think so." I shook my head.

"You were all over me few minutes ago, you know." Moon grabbed my leg to stop me.

"Ugh, it's your own fault that you ruined the moment. What were you staring at out there anyway?"
I asked.

"I heard noises, but not just some ordinary noises."
I looked at him back as he spoke.

"I think it was Vanny."

"Er, who?" Of who is he talking about now? Is here some new danger I must watch out for. Like this place doesn't have enough already...

"Vanny, a white rabbit bouncing around the pizzaplex everynight.
She emits a kind of strange energy, which I can already feel from afar. She doesn't seem safe around." He explained and let go off my leg.

"Has she ever hurt anyone?" I asked.

"Not quite sure, but Freddy told me that she's no good. We have to avoid her." He responded and showed with his arms to keep going.

I started to crawl forward. "You know,
i should avoid you too, you harmed me."

"I'll make it up for you so i'll led you around and gave you some company."

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Should I be charmed?"

"Oh yeah, how much more enchanted you will be when it's time for the game I have in mind just for us, starlight~."


Hello loves, a big apology for waiting so long for a new chapter. I'm really not myself these days and I also got seriously ill.
I hope you understand why I didn't post so regularly.

But thank you so much for reading my book, more than 100k reads!!
I am very grateful that you like my work. I send a lot of hugs to all readers!! ^^

Seeya loves in the next chapter, hope you enjoyed a bit flustered Moon! <3

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