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Y/N's POV:

"But what about your friends you mentioned. They should be somewhere around here. I'm here for help." Freddy smiled and patted my head.

"Well I-"

"You know what. I can help too you know. We can take a nap later if you want." Moon stroked my cheek.

"Um, think i rather go with Freddy."
I backed away from Moon and walked towards tall bear.

"What? Oh no, you're not-"
Moon took a step towards me but Freddy immediately stopped him as he stepped in front of me, with crossed arms.

"Moondrop, go back to daycare. This time, however, I will help find her mates."

Moon turned his head towards me and i noticed that he clenched his fists.
"Fine. As you say."
With that Moon walked away from us.

I was so relieved that he left. But now I was left alone with Freddy at the middle of the Gallery.

"So little one, we didn't introduced properly. I'm Freddy Fazbear, perhaps you know this already. Who are you?"
Freddy looked down at me, using his sweet but deep voice.

"I'm Y/N, it's pleasure to meet you." I smiled at him.

"Y/N, very lovely name. Now tell me, where you last saw them?" Freddy asked.

"Well you see, me and my two friends Matthew and Natasha we came here to do a 'little' research on this pizzeria as we heard rumors of children getting missing in here. But i didn't belive it until....now when i heard all this screams and when Chica attacked me and-"

"Chica attacked you? Gosh, apparently they will have to fix her system again. This is happening too often now. This place is no longer safe. We need to hurry with the search."

"The only thing i know that Matthew was with that DJ man. Where's he exactly."

"No problem. I'll take you to the elevator at Fazcade to get in arcade dance floor." Freddy told.
"Just be careful on the security S.T.A.F.F. bots, not to notice you when we'll be in the hall. Stay close to me."

~Time skip~

Freddy took me to this big hall where there was a stage where the holograms of the whole band were.
I was here when i saw Freddy's system crashed. But he was acting totally okey all the way here.

"Y/N, may i see how your friends look like?" Freddy turned his head towards me.

I nodded and showed him pictures of my friends that he scanned with his eyes on my phone screen.

"I see you guys are very close. How long have you been hanging out with them?"

"I know Natasha since kindergarten. Then she introduced me to Matthew and with that we became the best gang." I said.

"Friendship is one really strong bond we all need. It is very important that you help and support each other, remember that." Freddy gently stroked my head.

"That's true. But there are still some conflicts sometimes."

"You're totally right. Everything is never perfect but a solution is sure to be found."

As we were talking i was looking around and the place was huge, lit up with all kinds of bright signs and props set. I think there were 3 floors, escalators led to the upper floors.

"It's in the up floor. Follow me." Freddy waved his hand and i walked beside him.

I noticed these security robots holding flashlights in their hands and riding on wheels. They moved pretty fast actually. Each had its own security department.

I was close to Freddy the whole time so I could get to the elevator safely without being noticed.

After a while we finally got to our destination. I saw the Fazcade sign on top of the elevator.
Next to it I noticed a big shiny screen that was written 'Let's Rock.' But that doesn't matter now.

We made it to the elevator successfully. It opened wide and I stepped inside and waited for Freddy to come too. However, he was just waiting outside the elevator.

"Freddy? Aren't you coming?" I asked confused.

"I'm sorry. But i must stay here, I wish i could join you, but after tonight's stage incident, i'm not allowed to perform and i have to recharge myself because i'm low on power. You see, when i step onto West Arcade dance floor, I.. cannot stop myself. It's a programming bug." He explained.

"But, I thought you were going to help me find friends. I have no idea where to go next if i don't find any of them. I don't know if I can do it alone." I rubbed my arm anxiously.

"Y/N, I believe you can do it. Here, I give you this Fazwatch. I will guide you on it in case you get into any trouble." He handed me a watch in a shape of him.

I sighed and nodded. "Okey. I can do this. I. can. do. this." I tried to encourage myself.

"That's the spirit!" He cheered me up.
"And if you see the DJ, say 'hello'. Don't worry, he's such a nice fellow."
I thumbs up and click on the elevator button.

"You got this my superstar!" I saw Freddy waving and then the door shut together.

Freddy was such a friendly animatronic.
I wish he could be with me. But I will not give up like that.
I put the watch on my wrist and waited for the elevator to stop.

At least the funny music was playing to calm me down a bit. Somehow.

Then elevator's door finally opened.
I took a deep breath and stepped out.

In the space I stepped into, I noticed again a huge golden statue and glowing pillars, it was still a bit dark though. That place is looking amazing so far! The whole pizza plex is.

I admired the whole area but when I looked around where the dance floor was I saw the DJ who looked like he was sleeping. His snoring was heard a bit.

"Is Freddy sure he's a nice? He doesn't seem like it." I said and and scratched my head.

Then strong hand grabbed my shoulders and I was pushed away.

"What the-" i gasped when i saw Moon pinning me against the wall. "You think you can get rid of me like that. How pathetic." He chuckeled.

"How did you- how did you know i'm here?!"

"I have my ways. Now i'd like to discuss something with you."
His one hand slides down to my waist.

"A little bit of fun won't hurt, will it?"


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