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Y/N's POV:

"No more games. NO MORE GAMES."
Chica started to giggle and wanted to grab me.
I started to back away from her hands.
I started to shiver how horrifying she looked in that lighting.
"Please somebody- somebody help." I cried out.

"Talk starlight, let it all out."

I heard a hoarse voice near me.
Chica was already very close to me but i kicked her face with my leg and got up and ran away.

"Why running away?"

I heard the voice again. Now I recognized Moon's voice in an instant. I looked around while running where he could be. It was too hard to see because the gallery was quite dark.

So much running started to take my breath away and I couldn't do it anymore. I have to hide somewhere so I won't be so visible.
I resorted to Roxy's golden statue to caught my breath.
I squeezed my knees closer to myself and listened for any sounds.

Suddenly, I hear the sound of bells. I knew that only Sunny could make such sounds. Well right now it's Moon on the lose.

Why didn't he stay in the daycare. He knows what happens if it's too dark. What was he thinking?
I know he didn't want me to go out here, did he want to help me?

"Hidey- hide. Hide away."

My heart started to pount like crazy.
I tried to stay as quiet as possible and looked around to see where I could run away from him next.
I spotted a similar garage door at the end of the gallery.

I took a deep breath looked on my left if there was anyone.
I was a bit reliefed when everything became quiet again.

All of the sudden a metal hand covered my mouth. I was pressed against the body.
I peeked up and i saw these glowing red eyes.

"Easy now, star. It's just me."

I tried to speak but I had no chance at all.

"I'm impressed that you make it this far. Believe me, with me you won't."
Moon let out a laugh.

"Mmmmm-!" I cried out.

His free hand wrapped around my waist to pull me closer.

"Look at me." He turned me around so we were face to face.

He did a scan on me with his eyes. When he finished he showed with his index finger that I should remain silent.
He then picked me up and put me over his shoulders.

I started kicking with my feet so I could somehow get rid of his hands.
"Stop resisting!" He raised his voice a little and began to walk down the hall.

"I'll put you to sleep."

"Oh no you're NOT! Let me go! God dammit!" I shouted and moved myself that his grip losent on me and so that he slipped on the ground.

I fell on my already injured back.
Well that was painful.
Then i felt something heavy lying on me so i could barely move.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw Moon on top of me.

I heard him growl on me and then he lifted his head, slightly spinning it when we connected our eyes together.
"You're getting on my nerves, don't make me lose it." He grabbed my neck.

"I have no problem twisting your neck right here. It would be such a pleasure to hear you cry out loud how i torture you, while you're pinned down."

I gritted my teeth "Fuck you....." i breathed out.

"Oh You would love that, wouldn't you?"

That son of a bitch is trying to play dirty.
He grabbed my both hands and squeezed them. "Now, we're going back to daycare, and i'll put you to bed and if you don't close your eyes, I will close them for you. Is that understandable?"

I kept the straight face not wanting to answer.
Then he squeezed my wrists harder like he was going to break my bones.

"Ow-" i let out a cry.

"Words, darling."

"Y-yes- yes i understand."

"Good." He let go of me.

"Moondrop? What are you doing with that poor girl?" I turned my gaze at the strange voice.

Loud footsteps of metal came closer and closer. When I took a good look I noticed two white glowing eyes.

"Well my, Freddy Fazbear. You should be in your room by now. It's late." Moon laughed and stood up.

I was shocked when i saw tall bear animatronic standing infront of us. I slowly got on my feet and rubbed my hands together.

"Don't play silly now." Freddy turned his head towards me. "And what does this honeybun still doing in here? You shouldn't be wandering around here alone, not even at this time when the pizzeria is closed." He said, worried for me.

"She's with me and safe. She's obeying pretty well." Moon told him.

"I heard your words when you were threatening. May I ask you why're you still here?" Freddy leand down to me by putting his hands on his knees.

"I'm looking for my friends actually. Not sure where they are. I heard screams around here but then found myself with...... him." I pointed with my eyes at Moon.

"I see. I can help you find-"

"Nah-ah Fred, I found her first. Besides, i am taking her to bed. So if you excuse us-" Moon wanted to grab my hand but Freddy stopped him.

"Is she even okey with this. Have you asked her for a permission Moondrop?"
Freddy crossed his arms as he was teaching his son manners.

"She already agreed. Am I right, starlight?"
I rolled my eyes and nodded.

"But what about your friends you mentioned. They should be somewhere around here. I'm here for help." Freddy smiled and patted my head.

"Well I-"

"You know what. I can help too you know. We can take a nap later if you want." Moon stroked my cheek.

"Um I'll go with..............."


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