Truth or Dare Chapter 2

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My friends gather around me asking who it was. I look at my phone in disbelief.

"Who was it?" Molly yells.

"Oh I think it was just Eddie," I lie, "he's having a party tonight too, remember?"

They all nod in remembrance as we resume the game.

"Rachael you didn't answer." Danielle snaps in her bratty tone.

Her face once again turns red as she tells us everything. Rachael can't hold anything in. It's just the way she was born.

We end up straying the game after we get off topic. Jessica plays her music from her iPad as we all talk over it. Danielle starts a random pillow fight on top of my bed. We all get up an nail each other with my not-so-soft pillows. Everything on the bed starts flying around the room. Little did

I know that someone had stepped on my phone as a call came through. Speakerphone surrounded my room.

Breathing. In. Out. That's all we heard. We all jump as a voice comes on.

"Enjoying the pillow fight are we girls?" Asks a male voice.

Rachael collapses on the bed in fear staring at the phone.

"How do you know what were doing?" Asks Molly in a bratty tone?

"Look out your window."


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