Truth or Dare Chapter 15

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I suddenly get one of my panic attacks. My breath starts to quicken and I fall to the ground. My head falls into my hands and I start to cry. Suddenly, a very vivid thought enters my mind.

There's an older woman in the kitchen, washing dishes. She hums a tune of an older, upbeat song. Then she hears a crash. Was it glass? Did something fall? She suddenly becomes scared and walks over to the knife block. She grabs the sharpest, biggest knife she can from it. She peaks around the corner to see a man, entering through her window. She runs through the kitchen screaming. The man follows, leaving room between them to cover up what he was about to do. The woman runs down the steps as the man slowly follows. She runs into a room trying to hold the door shut. The man is too strong and pulls it open.

"Where are you?" he sings out.

He hears her sobbing behind a chair covered by a sheet.

"Where is it?!" He yells as intimidating as ever.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" She chokes out.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" He yells as he starts to maul her body.

"I'll never tell you where it is!" She yells as he stabs her and rips we body open with his knife.

"I'll find it myself!" He says as he runs back up the stairs.

"Attic." She chokes out right before she dies a terrible death.

The man searches the house until the phone suddenly rings.

"Is this Gretel John?" A child asks.

I finally rid the image of my mind and choke out, "attic."

All Jessica and Garrett do is stare


So now there's something in the house!? Man the tables have turned! I might update later today since I'm home sick. Thanks to everyone for over 5,500 reads! Keep commenting, voting, following etc! Also! I'm going to start another story! Comment any ideas or even names you think I should use :) thank you everyone

Xoxo- Madi

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