Truth or Dare Chapter 4

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"Madi what's with people calling you?" Jessica hisses.

"It's because of the stupid dare you made me do!" I yell.

Everyone watches as Jessica and I yell back and forth.

"Wait," Danielle realizes, "wasn't your number blocked?"

Everyone backs away from the phone like they do in the movies. Paul picks it up.

"What are you doing?" Asks Molly.

"Can't you *69 the number and it calls them back?"

"We'll it's worth a shot." Molly says.

Paul touches my screen so the dialer comes up to say *69. He then hands it to me, but not before he puts it on speaker for everyone to hear.

One ring.

Two rings.

Three ri-

"Hello, love." Clicks the other line.


So yeah I wrote this on the bus so i don't know how good it is. It's just kind of a filler chapter. But you know anyway! Vote, follow me, tell your friends :) thank you guys!

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