Truth or Dare Chapter 16

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"We're the only three left," Jessica realizes, "they're all dead."

We all sit back and think about how all of them died and we still haven't. "Madi lets leave it's not worth it! Why are we still here?" Jessica cries.

"Jessica it's not like that! If you want to leave go ahead leave! I have to figure out what's in that attic! I have to figure out what that killer wants from me and from Gretel!" I yell at her.

"I'm out!" She yells and walks down the steps, avoiding the bodies of our past friends.

Garrett and I start walking around to look for the attic door. We hear Jessica unlock the front door and walk away. At lease she was alive.

We look all over the ceiling for the hatch. We finally find it after ten minutes of searching. It's in the closet of the child's room. Where's the child? I thought. Why would a lady of her age have a child as young as this room tells me? The attic was hidden inside of the closet. I make my way of climbing on shelves to reach the little door. I motion for Garrett to hand me his knife. I cut open the wood panel that separates us from the room. Then I pull myself up into the room with all of my strength. Garrett follows me up, having an advantage of pulling himself up.

"So where's the envelope?" Garrett asks.

"What envelope?" I ask in suspicion.

"Uh- the one you saw in your vision thing." He says back with a slight stutter.

"I never saw any envelope in my vision."


Very Short I'm sorry but it's almost over :( maybe one or two chapters left! This ones not a suspenseful or anything but the next one will me AWESOME :) So I need help!! What should my next book be about?? Winner gets something haha! Keep voting commenting reading and sharing!

Xoxo- Madi

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