Truth or Dare Chapter 17

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"You're the killer!" I yell in realization, " you killed all of our friends! Why?"

"Aw come one don't give him all the credit!" A deep voice echoes up the stairs.

A man in all dark colored clothes comes walking up the attic steps.

"I did most of the work! Garrett just lead you all here and got rid of Danielle."

"Why would you help this man Garrett!?" I ask almost in tears. This was the person that I felt in love with and he didn't know it yet. I never saw this coming any it makes me angry.

"Now Madi. Where's the envelope?" The man asks shoving my body against the wall. His breath reeks deep of tobacco and beef jerky. I finally see the features of his face. He has a face similar to the look of Garrett's. Dark brown eyes staring into mine.

"I don't know where it is!" I cry in desperation of getting him off of me. I feel his muscles pushing on my whole body. He pushes harder sending shocks through my body. I fall to the ground as he lets go, continuing his search for this envelope.

Now is my chance! I crawl as fast as I can on the floor and grab Garrett's pocket knife I used to slash my way up here. It doesn't help i was weak and I made a lot of noise. They both run toward me and hold me down. They start to tie my hands up with a stray rope lying around. It is so tight i can feel my circulation being cut off. They must not have noticed the knife that's now hiding in my shoe. I don't know how I managed but I did.

They search and search but find nothing.

"Where's the envelope!?" The man yells at Garrett.

"I don't know! She said attic after her panic attack!" He yells back.

The man makes his way to over where I'm sitting.

"Where at in the attic, love?" He asks trying to sound innocent.

"I don't know" I choke out in extreme fear.

"Well why don't you THINK!?" He yells, hitting me with something hard on the side of my head.

Tears stream down my cheeks. I put my hand up to my head and feel blood. My body fills up with the feeling of regret. I see the two of them looking down at me.

"Where is it!?" Garrett yells at me. He doesn't see like the same person anymore. It was all an act.

"I don-" Is all I'm able to choke out as I'm hit again and everything goes dark.

I open my eyes to see them searching. I must not have been out that long. My whole body is filled with intense sharp pains. My arms are now tied behind my back leaving everything inaccessible. If only I could untie these ropes! I need scissors or a blade or a knife... A knife! My shoe! They start to look in my direction but I close my eyes to give the illusion that I'm still asleep.

Here goes nothing.


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