Truth or Dare Chapter 11

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The group follows me, looking around the area carefully to not get harmed by anything. My eyes wander over the footprints until they lead to a flight of stares. Leading to the basement.


It clicked.

I look back on all my friends and realize they all understand what I do.

"Don't do it." Garrett whispers to me.

"I have to.. I got us in this mess by calling and getting creepy calls."

I start to step down the stairs when they suddenly squeak. I jump in fright and look back to see Eddie and Molly laughing. I stomp my way down the stairs to prove how brave I am. Everyone decides to follow except Paul and Rachael who stay back to nurse her foot.

I step onto the cold, hard, concrete floor. My hands search the wall for a light switch. I finally find the little lever and switch it up. The lights turn a weird shade of blue and start to flicker. The buzzing fills my ears to the point that I want to freak out.

Danielle is the only one who decides to look around. Nothing seems to be out of order until we find a door that's slightly ajar. Danielle starts to pull the door open.

"Wait!" Jessica says right before she opens it, "Madi truth or dare?"

"Are you kidding me Jessica!?" I whisper-yell,"there could be terrible things in there and you're making it into a joke?"

"Fine be a chicken," she mocks.

I sigh then slowly touch the doorknob. My heart starts to pound so hard I swear everyone can hear it. I start to pull the knob until I hear a scream up the stairs. Everyone takes off running up the stairs so I'm left in the back of the train. The group in front of me crowds around something. I wiggle my tiny body between theirs. My knees go weak and I fall to the floor.

In front of me lies Rachael and Paul. Fingers interlocked. Bodies slashed. My eyes start to tear up as I see what happened to some of my closest friends completely lifeless. The sight also makes me want to throw up due to the grim sight in front of me. I look at Rachael's stomach that was abnormally bleeding heavily. I pulled up her shirt to reveal the words, "so the games begin"


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