Truth or Dare Chapter 14

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I walk out of the room examining the room more as I walk to the stairs. I see a washer and drier. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Where do we go next?" Asks Molly.

"Well, weren't there stairs leading up to another level?" Eddie asks.

"Lets go check them out!" Garrett says intently.

"I really think we need to go.." I whisper as Jessica nods in agreement.

"Madi we have to find this killer!" Garrett says shaking me.

"Fine." I say innocently.

"I still don't think we need to be here." Jessica whispers.

"Shut up were fine!" Garrett snaps back.

We were now walking up to the top level of the house. All of the old stairs squeak every time we step on them. They're so steep I almost fall.

"What do we do now?" I ask looking around at all of the doors up here.

All of the doors are closed. We decide to split up. Garrett and I, Jessica and Eddie, and Molly by herself. She came up with the groups herself.

Garrett and I take the closest room. A beautiful master bedroom. Jessica and Eddie take an old bathroom. Molly decides to go into a young child's room.

"Wait," Jessica says, "what are we looking for?"

"The killer." Garrett whispers.

"But if we find the killer won't he kill us?" Molly asks.

Garrett throws her one of his pocket knives. He pulls out another as Eddie pulls out his. Then we all walk into our rooms.

The room we go into is a beautiful beige. The bed was made perfectly. Not one crease. I walk over to touch the bed as Garrett searches the room.

"It's so beautiful." I whisper admiring the style of the room.

Garrett gives me a look that says 'keep looking'. I look around the room. Theres no way the killer could be hiding here. I jump at the sound of my phone ringing.

"Mom. Dad. I'm so sorry we went to the p-"

"I see you!" The voice of the killer taunts. "Come find me! Wait till you see who's next!"

Right as he says next, a terrible scream followed by running footsteps sound outside the door.

I open the door to see Molly trip down the steep stairs and fall to her death, killer right behind her.

"Lets get him!" Eddie yells running down the steps, about to attack the man.

Right as he jumps to get on him, the killer turns around and holds the knife out, stabbing Eddie in the stomach. Deep red blood seeps out of Eddie's mouth as he falls to the floor in pain. The killer turns from the suffering bodies to us. Then, he walks away.

I look down the steps to see Eddie taking his last breath. Molly's body was twisted in a weird way, neck obviously broken.

The game of survival begins.


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