Truth or Dare Chapter 8

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"Wh- where did you die?" Garrett stutters.

I try pulling my hand away from the pointer but Paul holds my hand down.

"No." He scolds me like a child. "That will only make them angry."

I look back at Garrett as our hands glides over the letters B. A. S.E.

Base? What does that mean?

I start talking, "What do you me-" as the pointer finally glides over M, E, N, and T. Basement.

"Who killed you?" I finally ask the question we have all been thinking.

We sit. Nothing's happening. Then our hands suddenly jolt to the letter to spell the word 'he's coming' then over to the 'goodbye' space.

"Wait who's coming!?" I yell at the inactive board, "come back! We need you John!"

Jessica suddenly shoots up with a puzzled look on her face.

"Who did you call earlier?" She asks.

"Some old lady named Gretel?" I ask not seeing a reason she would ask me that.

"What was the last name?"

The room grows quiet as I whisper the name, "John."


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