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OKAY! SORRY, DELAY. :( NA-WRITER'S BLOCK KASI AKO BIGLA E. SORRY ULIT. Anyways, hope that you'll enjoy the update! Next update? Next weekend siguro. Either Saturday or Sunday!

It was already 3:00 A.M. when we prepare para sa pagpunta namin kay Akemi.

"Ready, Atama?" Akane asked bravely.

"Born ready!" Reiji and Ken answered excitedly.

"Nii-san, you okay?" I was bothered when Riye asked me.

I just nodded at her.

For hours, I was just staring at the window in the jetplane Ms. Reina, Sir Hayate and Sir Hiroshi is driving.

"WE'RE HERE!" I came back to reality when I heard Akane's jolly voice that brought music to my ears—but I need to focus on Akemi.

"Nii-san, let's go?" I turned to Riye and nodded.

I stood up at bumaba na ng jetplane. We bid goodbye to the Weird Trio and they fly back to Tantei High.

They started talking. Talking about how will they save Akemi and such. While Akane and Ken are arguing with some of their plans.

And because I'm pissed with what I just saw, I walked away them and don't mind them when Akane shouted.

"HIRO! SAAN KA BA PUPUNTA?! TEAM TAYO! ANO BA?" The next thing I knew, she was beside me already and staring at me like a monster that will eat me.

"What? You won't stop arguing there and I will stand there watching you? I'm bored. I'll search for Akemi!" After, I continue walking but Akane held my arm to stop me.

"Hiro, ano ba? Anong nangyayari sayo? Bakit ka nagkakaganito?" She asked, iritated.

"You! You're the reason why I'm like this. I want to end this bullshit feelings but I just can't! And now, you want me to fall inlove with Akemi! Are you dumb?" The words that I wanted to shout at her but instead, "Nothing. Go search for yourself. I'll find her on my own." is what I ended up to say.

I'm hopeless.

I ignore her and continue walking on my own deciding way. I left her dumbfounded just like what she did on me yesterday.

"You want me to learn to love her, right? Then, I shall find my own way to love her." I whispered loud enpugh for her to hear and continue leaving her.


After awhile, I ended up in an abandoned factory that had lights on inside it. I sneaked in and punch some idiot member of them and wear his uniform and pretended to be one of them.

I was walking along a hallway when I heard a noise in a room.

"HMMP! HMMM! HMMMP!" I ran towards the door of the room and listen.

"Shut her up! I don't want that creepy deagening voice to hear! EVER!"

"But, sir, what will we do to shut her?"

"Are you an idiot? Heh. KILL. HER. Magsisilbi na rin itong paghihiganti ko kay Hideo in killing my father and my sister."

I was about to continue eavesdropping their conversation inside the room when someone poke my back.

"What the hell are you doing there?" A man in black asked me. Specifically, a Custos Agent.

I was about to punch him when a sudden thought passed by my mind and look at my outfit. I'm obviously a man in black too.

I grinned in my mind. 'I have an idea.' I thought so.

"Eavesdropping, eh?" He asked while chuckling.

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