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Chapter 28:

I was about to take a walk around when I crossed path with the girls together with our newbie.

'Ano kayang name neto?'

I accidentally focused my mind reading the newbie's mind. And it happened that she's thinking about my name! Wow!

"Hiro." I mouthed lending her my hand as a sign of gratitude to meet her.

She looked at me in confusion.

"Di ba gusto mong malaman ang pangalan ko?"

Her mind wondered how I knew she was thinking about my name. I snickered a bit inside my head.

The moment her hand accepted my hand and we shook it. I, again, accidentally looked at her eyes naman. And her eyes seems like swallowing my whole being when I made contact with it.

That.. that was the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen even if it's just black that time.

Starting the day I held her hand and looked her straight in the eye. I knew it.

I'm doomed.

But even before she arrived, I've got really something for Akane. I've never been vocal. I am liking her in shadows. The way her red fabulous hair swungs upon whenever she jumps, fights, and cheers for joy gave me shivers and dizziness.

I liked Akane since we were 10 years—no, I think it was when I was 11 years ol—or 10? Nope, 11 nga yata. Or 10 nga siguro? I don't know! Either, I started to like her, admire her, and make her an inspiration.

Especially, when she got blackouts whenever the topic of incident is related on how her Mom died, I'm always there.

The only thing I never do? Tell her that I was the one to save her always. Kasi all this time, she knew it was Ken who saves her, but no. It's me. It's Hiro. It's Nathan.

I told you...

I'm liking her in the shadows.

"I'm here."

Until the day Akemi was lost for 2 days, and I unconciously found her in the 'creepy hallway' as Akemi adresses it. We found out that she was kidnapped by the shinigamis and will start a war.

That was the time, I began to be confused with my feelings already.

Especially, after the war. After knowing the truth. After knowing her more, I don't know what to feel.

Those times that she had been in grave danger or even when clumsiness strikes to her, I feel like... I need to save her....

Because I want her to be okay.

But all those feelings were kept at the back of my mind, thinking I was only admiring Akemi because of her personality. So, I focused with my feelings for Akane. And I am not dumb to not notice that she's feeling something for Ken. The way she looks at him, the way she talks to him, it seems like she's always on the glee whenever he's around.


And it hurts.

A little. I do not know. Since Akemi came, the pain I'm feeling about Akane and Ken, little by little is disappearing.

Maybe, I'm just controlling my mind?

Yeah. Maybe.


'Til the time came when Akemi, again, was kidnapped by Custos which was the time I confessed my feelings for Akane when we were searching for Akemi.

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