Chapter 30:

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"She's here to help you with your physical appearances." Ms. Reina explained, "We heard that she's like you, Akemi, the daughter of their current tribe leader. And if we have our sixth sense, they have their..."

"Animus." I mumbled lowly.

"How did you know?" They asked.

I just shrugged.

"Well then, let's start the make over?"

We all smiled then nodded.

"Okay. I'll be sending the files to you, Madame. Oh, it will surely be. Yes. Yes. I will take care of that. I'll ask Castle if he has the data needed. Yes, I already talked to Bella, too. Everything's settled, Madame. No need to—No, it is all prepared last week. Yes. Thank you also. My pleasure, Madame. Have a nice day!" I ended the call and put my phone in the pocket on my vest.

"Fall!" I turned my gaze to Bella who called me after I put my phone in my pocket.

"Hey." I greeted, "what's up, Bella?"

She looked stressed. I wonder why.

"Ugh. That man again. He's really a pain in the ass!" She blurted.

My forehead creased, "who?"

She rolled her eyes at me, "who else, Miss Pres?! Who. Else.?!" She raised her voice on the School President. Oh my.

"It's Kian again, isn't it?" I calmly asked. She nodded, "tell him to talk to me this afternoon at the OSA."

She wrote something in her mini notebook then turned to me, "noted, Miss Pres!", she leaned closer to me and whispered, "Doing great, Akemi." Then she walked away.

I whispered, "thanks" and for sure she'll hear that.

It is our morning break and I must say that physics don't really love me. My mind goes crazy with those formulas. Ugh.

I walked through the hallways of the freshmen building because the Office of the Student Affairs is in the freshmen building.

"Good morning, Miss Pres!"

I waved at the student who greeted me, "hello, good morning!" I smiled.

As soon as I reached the door with an 'OSA' plate at the center, I opened it and sat on my chair immediately.

The telephone in my table rang and after three rings, I answered it, "yes, hello? Fall Guamora of Standria Academy. Good morning."


"Ms. Reina?"

"Yes, it is me."

"Napatawag po kayo? How may I help you po?"

"Any clues about the princess and prince you need to observe?"

I sighed, "Nah. Wala pa din po. It's been three weeks and finding the two eats our time."

"You'll get use to it. Not all things can be achieved by a short time. Success is best when you know you worked hard for it."

I nodded even though I know she can't see it, "noted, Ms. Reina!"

"Oh, paano ba yan? Paalis na din kami nina Hayate. I'll end this call now. Notify us kapag nakahanap na kayo ng clues or anything, ha? Ikumusta mo na din kami sa iba. Goodluck and take care, Atama."

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