Chapter 24:

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"Those two guys over there who went near us earlier, they are suspicious." Biglang sabi ni Reiji pagkaupo namin sa table namin kanina para madiscuss ang case.

"They are." Pagsegunda ni Akane. "They know us." Namutla naman bigla si Akane matapos niyang banggitin ang huling tatlong salita na nakagambala din sakin.

"Huh? Talaga namang kilala nila tayo, ah? They asked us earlier kung taga Teitan Agency tayo, right?" Ken commented.

Yes, they asked us if we came from Teitan Agen.... wait! If that's the case then...

Kumalabog ang puso ko sa naisip ko. Is that the reason why Akane flinched earlier?

'Nice deduction there.'

I heard Hiro's voice inside my head. He heard my thoughts again.

'Mind invader.'

I mouthed but didn't get any replies from him.

"W-What do you mean they know us, Akane?" I asked her due to my idea about those two guys.

"Just like what Ken said, tinanong nila tayo if we are from Teitan Agency and we answered, right? I heard one of them whispered-" Kumunot ang noo ko nang tumigil si Akane sa pagsasalita.

"Whispered what?" Reiji asked.

"Let's get to finish this case first. Who has an idea about the identity of the killer?" Hiro stated.

Ahhh, I get it. Hiro stopped Akane to continue telling us about those two guys. Anyway, tama naman siya. We should prioritize the case first.

"I have a hunch, nii-san." Sagot ni Riye who seems to be quiet a while ago.

"Spill." Hiro mouthed.

"That guy who was roaming around the crime scene right now. I've been staring at him for minutes. He's acting very suspicious to me, nii-san. Para bang kaya siya nag-iikot sa crime scene is that he's into something that the victim has." Napatahimik kami sa explanation niya. Napalingon din ako sa may crime scene at totoo ngang nandoon yung lalaki. "Anyway, it's just a hunch." Then she giggled a bit.

"Hiro," I called him. He instantly diverted his gaze at me, "he's familiar to me. I think I saw him."

"Who Akemi? That guy Riye was talking about?" Akane asked and I nodded as an answer.

"The make-out guy." Hiro mouthed.

"What make-out are you talkin-Oh my gosh! Siya nga!" I exclaimed! He is! He really is!

"Uhm, in case you don't mind, please tell us what's going on." Ken commented with a smirk on his face.

"He's with Abigail earlier in her office... making out." Dere-deretsong sabi ni Hiro.

I slapped him lightly on his arm while Akane and Riye placed their hand in their mouth in shock.

"You should've said it slowly. Dineretso mo kaagad, e!" I muttered.

"And eat our time? No." He said poker faced.

Kakabuka palang ng bibig ko para sana sagutin pa si Hiro nang matuon ang pansin ko sa crime scene--hindi doon sa lalaki kung hindi sa crime scene mismo.

"Something's odd." I whisphered.

Tumayo ako sa upuan ko at saka dahan-dahang lumapit sa crime scene, I touched the rusty part of the wall at nagulat ako nang bigla iyong mahulog. I mean, the rusty part fell and I was surprised seeing the thing we must see and examine.

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