Princess treatment

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Rebecca's new room.

My new room is even more expensive than my original one. It's all very beautiful, and a kind gesture. But please? Shouldn't the kingdom be spending money on the citizens than on the newest technology for the castle?

I shook my head, and turned to my luggage. The servants had already unpacked everything (I'd make sure to thank them later), so all I had to do was finish the job with my personal suitcase.

I popped open the buckle and opened the leather bag and pulled out my very few personal items. I'm not much of a sentimental girl, to be frank. I enjoy my books, and my music, but besides that I don't get too attached too anonymous objects.

I pulled out the book my father gave me, my family photo album,which had a picture/painting of everyone in my family since 1864, my family heirloom, a beautiful white gold headband with sapphires carved out as flowers intertwined with the braid of gold, and a picture of my mother, father and I.

I was wearing my grandmother's ring, so since the beginning of my existence, I only had six sentimental items. I honestly don't know how to feel about that.

After I placed the objects around the room, I heard a knock at the door. I bustled over to the rich, wooden door and opened it. A tall, beautiful lady stood there, a firm frown on her face. She sneered rudely at me.

"You look like you were sent here in a brightly colored potato sack," she barked.

I felt my eyes widen.


"Don't worry. Madame Flouré will fix this. I was sent here for make over, yes?" She stated, pushing past me to enter my room.

I bit my tongue from lashing out at her before trailing after her to my closet. She scanned through my dresses, clicking her tongue every once in awhile before throwing a gown over her shoulder.

"These are safe," she stated, gesturing to the remaining materials.

"These are trash," she snarled, pointing to the dresses on the floor.
She spat on them before walking over them. I couldn't help but laugh. If my mother only saw what this woman did to the dresses she Ickes out for me. She would surely string the woman up by her toes!

"This isn't funny business! We have to prepare you for castle guest by tonight!" She snarled in her thick, Russian accent.

I paled.

"T-tonight?" I coughed.

"Yes! Now quit standing there like lifeless toad and get in bath. We have work!" Madame yelled.

I did as I was asked, shrugging off my $9,000 dollar, brightly colored potato sack. 5 maids cake scurrying in, and began scrubbing me head to toe. I grit my teeth and attempted to bare with it.

This is what has to be done. One step closer to leaving. By the time they finished, I smelled like peppermint and vanilla, and had lost a layer of skin in the water. I stood and they wrapped me up in a soft, fluffy towel.

They roughly dried me off, then pushed me back into the bedroom, where Madame Flouré awaited me. I was sat in a leather, rolling chair as 3 women began working on my hair, makeup and nails.

Madame did my hair. She blow dried it as a maid asked me politely if I would close my eyes. It was kind of relaxing in a way.

After my hair was dried, Flouré twined 2 thigh strands of hair together on either side of my face, then brought it back. She clipped them together, then added baby's breath into the braid.

Then she curled my hair in loose curls, before finishing it with some hair spray. The maids had put mascara on my kids, blush and bronzer on my cheeks, then added eye shadow and lipstick plus gloss.
When I opened my eyes, I looked beautiful.

I looked like a princess.

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