Winning a Heart

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The dress Rebecca wore.

I've been locked up in my room for awhile now. I guess I was too scared to face Maddox after the things I said. Well that was until today.

was sitting by my window, looking down at the soldiers below me when a knock sounded on my door. I answered it, slightly curious as to who it could be.

I wasn't surprised that it was an unfamiliar maid, what did surprise me is what she said.

"Prince Maddox requests your company," she stuttered, handing me a note before scurrying off.

I look after her, gaping like a fish, before closing my door and heading back inside. I sat on my beautiful, large, rich blue bed, then opened the envelope.

Dearest Rebecca,
I have thought much of our last encounter and have decided that I still believe you to be lying. If you would like to know the reason, meet me in the Horse's Stables.

I glared at the note in exasperation. What did he mean, I was lying? I hate Maddox! He captured me, he black mailed me! He's a horrible person.

Why would he think otherwise. I reread the note again, then threw it on my night stand. I should just ignore him. Ten minutes later, I found myself at the stables, searching for the annoying Prince.

"Ethanal, come," a masculine voice called.

I stopped my search, then quietly made my way around the corner to see who it was. It was Maddox, who was in a wide, fenced in space. Suddenly, a huge black creature came barreling towards him.

I let out a tiny shriek, then ran forward.

"Maddox, watch out!" I screamed, thinking myself too late.

But the giant creature ran around Maddox, who was laughing, then stopped and nudged the prince lovingly. That thing was a... Horse. I let out a weird, strangled relief noise, as Maddox turned to me with a smile.

"Rebecca, you made it!" He waved welcomingly.

I sputtered before clearing my throat.

"Only because I had nothing better to do. Explain yourself, Maddox," I said, tilting my chin at him.

He laughed.

"I almost forgot about your feistiness. Come! Ethanol doesn't bite," he said.

Me? Feisty? I've never been called that before in my entire life, but I guess I have been a bit fiery since coming to the castle.

It's just something about Maddox that makes me want to kick and scream and fight my way.

"Are you just going to stand there all day?" Maddox asked sarcastically. I shot him a dirty look, then approached. He smiled at my glare. I made a mental note to practice it.

"So, I'm assuming you got my letter?" He asked with an arrogant grin.

I let out a frustration sigh.

"Of course, why else would I be here?" I wondered.

"Many people would kill to be in my presence."

"And I'm honored that I am not one of them," I retorted.

He laughed, but sobered seconds later.

"I have decided that you do not hate me," he said surely.

"And where did that demented idea come from?" I wondered.

"Well, at first I wasn't so sure. Then, I noticed that you avoided me like a plague. If you hated me, you wouldn't go out of your way to not see me.

You wouldn't care. And then, now when you saw Ethanal charging at me, you warned me. You even looked distressed for me! If you truly hated me, you would've been glad to be rid of me."

I cursed myself inwardly. Why did I distress over him? He is my captor! I despise Maddox. Or do I?   

"That is utterly insane! You are a arrogant Prince. You can't stand the thought of someone not fawning over you," I sneered, turning away.

He grabbed my arm through the wooden fence.

"No! Give me a chance! What do you really know about me anyway? Nothing! I'll make a deal with you. Stay with me for the next 4 months, till the winter ball.

If your opinions haven't changed, you may leave. But you have to give me a chance! You have to see me when I call on you, and you aren't allowed to leave the castle grounds without my presence or permission," he negotiated.

I eyed him. What did I have to loss really? If I said no, I could be stuck here forever. If I said yes, I could just deal with the 4 months, then reject him and leave.

"Fine, I'll stay. But I get unlimited calls to anyone I wish," I say stubbornly.

His eyes harden.

"No, you may have 2 phone calls a week. That is all," he said stiffly.

"5 phone calls," I argue.


"3. Take it or leave it," I said, glaring sharply.

He glared too for awhile, before signing and giving in.

"Three phone calls, but only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday," he said, giving me a don't-argue-with-me look.

I nodded, agreeing, then took my arm from his hold.

"Now, Rebecca," he started, smiling.

"Would you like to go for a ride?" He asked, calling Ethanal back over.

I blanched. Is this guy bipolar or what?

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