Honey moon stage

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So let's just say, after the wedding, Maddox and I left for the castle, where he and I were crowned king and queen. Just some vows, a crown placed on each of our heads. Then, we left for our four day honey moon.

I had fallen asleep in the car. We were driving down the road, my head resting on Maddox's shoulder. Then, I felt a viscous jolt hit the car, and my eyes went wide.

The car flipped and we rolled into the grass. Glass crunched into my skin, metal bent inward. I screamed as loudly as I could. All I could think was,

Somebody help.

Then I black out.

I groaned as I struggled to open my eyes. I lifted my hand as I fuzzily wondered what happened. Blood covered my finger tips after I brought them to my forehead.

This made shock go through me. Dear god, how badly am I injured? I look over at the drivers seat to see it completely crunched in. A bit of blood could be seen leaking through the mangled, squished metal.

I shuddered slightly, then looked around for a way out. My door was pressed tightly against the ground, and there was no way I could escape through the back or front. I looked toward the door opposite to mine.

It's wide open. I feel panic spread throughout me as I remember the most important thing: Rebecca. I struggle to break free and wiggle out of the car, desperate to find my wife. I pant heavily as I feel pain throb in my skull.

I pull myself out of the car, crying out slightly at the pressure on my leg. I look around frantically. Good news and bad news. Rebecca wasn't thrown from the car, she didn't die on the asphalt.

Bad news, she's gone. My wife is missing, and I don't know if she's dead or alive. I quickly look for a way to contact someone, and find my emergency signal on my phone is still intact.

I press the button and less than 3 minutes later, over 100 men have come, including paramedics and the army.

"Your highness!" The doctor cries, running to me.

He helps me to sit as he checks my injuries.

"The Queen! My queen is missing!" I cry out. The SWAT leader calls in a search rescue.

Rebecca, where are you?


I blink open my eyes wearily. I wince at the bright light, and look around. I'm in a small room, with simple carpeting and a small queen sized mattress.

I was still in my wedding dress, now dirty, bloody and ruined.

"Welcome back, your highness. A pleasure to meet you," a smooth voice said, then let out a small, amused laugh.

My eyes widened as I saw the creature in front of me.

A small gasp of horror left my lips.

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